Crazy turkey, hey turn Thanksgiving season!



Nov 26, 2022

Thanksgiving Day
Xiamen Xiongba Crazy Turkey

The world is vast and time goes by,
There are many things worth touching in life,
Meet a flower, pick up a leaf; Meet a star and look up at the crescent moon;
Meet you, meet a smile, meet a beautiful.
In this warm festival,
We held the activity of “Crazy Turkey, Happy Thanksgiving Season”,
Give thanks with enthusiasm and bless with joy.
Good luck! Eat turkey tonight!! On November 24, when Thanksgiving Day came, the Personnel Department planned and prepared a surprise turkey.
Of course, the source of the sense of ritual is the decoration of elements. We replaced tablecloths, dinner plates, napkins, etc. with pumpkins, turkeys, and other patterns that fit the holiday atmosphere. In addition, the holiday food of Thanksgiving: pumpkin corn cake, cream mushroom soup, champagne wine… Let every family immerse in the strong atmosphere of Thanksgiving.
Since it is Thanksgiving Day, there must be an atmosphere feast on the table – roast turkey. Like the film, every time you appear, you will be accompanied by bursts of cheers.
We enjoyed the delicious food together, telling the story that in the past year, at the moment when Xiongba was moved, we thanked the company for providing the platform and Xiongba’s family for accompanying us all the way… Such a moment of gratitude, combined with the blessing of delicious food, made our gathering more beautiful and meaningful.
Development and expansion of the company
Without the efforts, trust and support of each family member
Good horse meets Bole, good talent meets bosom friend
Thank you for always being the same
Support, trust and tolerance for hegemony
Thank you for your love of the hero
Thank you for being here
Thank you for everything
Because of your unremitting efforts
Only now can the hegemony come on the stage with great reputation

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