A warm party across the winter



Feb 20, 2023
Xiamen Xiongba assists Longyan Changting Tongxin Primary School

Xiongba Electronics and Tongxin School

Prepare a three-month cross-year party of public welfare and love

It seems to have delayed the reunion of “one year”
An expectation separated by more than 300 kilometers
A heart-to-heart reunion of nearly 100 people
After the epidemic, spring is warm and flowers are blooming
All the delays are due to the difficulties
All the waiting is for a more perfect present

Love tail teeth sublimated into a spring feast for children
Xiamen Xiongba E-Commerce Co., Ltd. learned from Tongxin School and the children in distress that the school has supported for a long time by chance. In order to care for the children with practical actions, and also to enable employees and enterprises to practice corporate social responsibility together, Liu Xiangwen, the general manager of Xiongba Electronics, decided to change the company’s tail tooth in 2022 into a cross-year reunion with Tongxin School to care for the children. After nearly a month of intense preparation, both sides were affected by the epidemic, and the plan for the cross-year get-together had to be put on hold.
Despite the epidemic, all staff of Xiamen Xiongba Electronics have been thinking about the party. After the epidemic subsided at the end of January, they immediately contacted Tongxin School to restart the preparations for the party.

On February 19, 2023, a group of 53 people from Xiamen Xiongba Electronics drove for 4 hours to Tongxin School. Together with the children of Tongxin School, they opened the long-awaited get-together with Tongxin characteristic pre-meal thanksgiving etiquette.

After listening to the introduction of the school and children by the principal Shi of Tongxin School, Liu Xiangwen, the general manager, was deeply moved and said excitedly, “We will continue to participate in the public welfare of Tongxin School!” At the party, he also sincerely shared with the children his experience of dropping out of school when he was young because of poverty and going out to work, using his own experience of difficulties and success today, Encourage children: “Difficulties are temporary. If you work hard, you will have your own achievements!”
Beneath the love donation is the ultimate beauty and kindness

With all the staff of Xiamen Xiongba Electronics coming to Tongxin School, there are also donations that they have carefully selected and suitable for children after careful communication with the school teachers. Looking at the new table and chair, dinner plate, pillow towel, towel, clothes rack and other living materials, the children were so happy that their eyes were smiling~

The donation of 51200 yuan for charity this time is the love relay of nearly 100 people participated by all employees of Xiongba Electronics, taking the company as an example~


A hundred days of careful preparation transformed into

Spring afternoon audio-visual feast

In addition to luncheon and donation, Xiamen Xiongba Electronics also brought carefully rehearsed programs for the children. The versatile brothers and sisters performed wonderful dances, songs and recitations for the children. The children volunteered to take all the visiting brothers and sisters to learn healthy Zen clapping exercises, and the magic rhythm lit the whole audience, The children also rehearsed the sign language song “Because of You Because of Me” in their spare time to thank all the visitors~

Thank you for your company

The cold of spring is dispelled by love

The joy of a day is short

A hundred days of expectation is hard to change

I believe there are still countless reunions

The days ahead are long

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