Mar 9, 2023

Pay tribute to every great “she”

The fragrant orchid branches are tinged with cold fragrance,

Smile and look at your appearance,

The spring breeze intoxicated with the fragrance of a frown,

The stars are bright and beautiful.

The flowers of March are beautiful forever.

You are gentle and powerful in March.

In this beautiful season when the cherry blossoms will be bright and the wind will be warm

We are about to usher in the annual

Women’s Day

Xiamen Xiongba E-Commerce Co., Ltd., in order to enrich the amateur life of female compatriots and commend the contributions and efforts made by women to the company, specially launched the theme activity of “Gather ‘her’ strength, and interpret strength with efforts!” on the afternoon of March 8 to celebrate the March 8 Goddess’s Day.

              In the name of flowers

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Liu Xiangwen, the general manager of the company, sent a bunch of beautiful flowers and exquisite hand gifts to each female compatriots in the name of flowers, and offered the most sincere wishes. I hope that everyone can grow and develop together with the company, and realize their own life dreams and goals through efforts.

The beauty of the goddess

The Goddess of Heroes held flowers and invited Mr. Liu to take a group photo in front of the corporate culture wall to show their charm.

About male tyrants, about women

Xiamen Xiongba E-commerce Co., Ltd. attaches importance to the position and role of women in the company. There are many women in the company’s management, who play an irreplaceable role in the company’s decision-making and development. The company also provides women compatriots with various types of learning and training channels to build a ladder for their future career development. Under the leadership of Mr. Liu Xiangwen, the general manager, all the family members of the company are enthusiastic about investing in public welfare undertakings, giving back to the society with love, vigorously supporting the education and development projects of women and children, and helping them to obtain better education and living conditions.

Development can only be achieved through joint efforts. The company will continue to devote itself to this goal, make more contributions to the family and society, and work hard for women’s rights!

Colorful food

The second link is unlocked after the group photo. As soon as you enter the door of the conference room, you will be attracted by the delicious food on the table. Everyone is talking, laughing, and tasting. Exquisite cakes, creative fruit platters, cooking dishes, delicious snacks and delicious drinks, with the delicious food holding the taste buds, and sticking the heart and heart together.
The afternoon tea activity not only enriches the spiritual and cultural life of all powerful partners, but also strengthens the communication and exchange between families, and conveys the concept of “hard work and healthy life”. Small partners said that through this activity, they not only felt the company’s corporate culture, experienced the company’s “exclusive welfare”, but also strengthened the sense of belonging and cohesion. In the next work, they must be based on their posts, work steadfastly, be brave to take responsibility, and be willing to contribute, implement the company’s various work requirements, and contribute to the company’s development with high enthusiasm and dedication.
Special thanks for the cooperation of the male compatriots of Xiongba. This activity ended in the light of the sunset. Time will pass, but laughter will continue and warmth will be warm.

May the Goddess of Domination

Always free and happy

Enjoy the best in the world

Beat the thorns and break the waves

You and I are also the brightest stars in the sky

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