2023 Xiamen Dominant Spring Basketball Tournament | Peak Duel, Who Will Compete Against?



Apr 17, 2023
Team photo of all basketball players

A basketball game

You can feel the heartbeat of everyone on the field

A basketball game

Lose and carry it together

Winning together, crazy

Because of love, never give up!

In April of Fangfei, the spring breeze is ten miles away, and everything is reviving and thriving. In order to liven up the company atmosphere, enhance the physical fitness and corporate cohesion of our partners, drive the trend of sports activities, and enable everyone to create proud performance in spring, promote the construction of the company’s corporate culture, and showcase the passion, boldness, and innovative spirit of employees in various departments, on April 15th, Xiamen Xiongba’s 2023 “Xiong Guan Cup” Spring Basketball Competition is a hot start.

In the spirit of “friendship first, competition second”, the “Xiongba Flying Tiger Team” led by Vice General Manager Wang Wenguang, Sales Manager He Kunen, and the “Xiongba Iron Cavalry Team” played their respective advantages and presented an exciting and unparalleled event feast to the on-site audience.

Xiongba Feihu Team&Xiongba Iron Cavalry Team

come on. The next competition, fight together!

At 1:30 pm, with the whistle of the referee, the basketball game officially kicked off. The team members from both sides charged into battle, with high morale, and began a fierce competition.
Hot Blood Stadium

Exquisite passing, tacit cooperation, and exciting layups are frequently performed on the court. The dribbling and shooting movements are natural and handsome, with one go. The team members from both sides worked together and worked hard, demonstrating youthful vitality.

A basketball, a jersey, a group of teammates, a passionate heart, and an unwavering determination! Basketball is never a sport for one person, nor is victory an honor for one person. Mutual understanding, cooperation, and trust are the charm of basketball.

Go straight to the scene and feel the passionate moment

In a difficult confrontation, both sides mobilized their troops and deployed their troops. I joined the team as the “Little Flying Man” and you sent the team as the “Blocking Brother”. The two teams are neck and neck, chasing each other, and the scene is extremely tense and intense.

The team members weaved in and out, changing their offense and defense, and the score remained deadlocked in pursuit. The two teams showed strong momentum, demonstrating cooperation and competition while running.

Faced with a tough defense, the basketball teams of both teams quickly adapted to the field and game rhythm after a brief adjustment, fully leveraging their speed advantage. They broke through the perimeter with lightning speed and made precise shots, becoming the most dazzling presence on the field!

The Iron Cavalry team frequently excels in the fast break, and the outer three pointers are also more popular.

At halftime, the cheerleading team is full of vitality

On the field, the team members competed with each other, and off the field, cheers and cheers kept coming and going.

During the halftime, the cheerleading teams from both sides were not willing to be outdone and presented their carefully prepared programs to cheer on the team members.
Vitality Hot Dance Display ↓

After nearly two hours of competition, the team members from both sides demonstrated high fighting spirit and full enthusiasm, achieving the level of basketball competition and showcasing their style.

In the end, the Iron Cavaliers won the match and won the championship of the first “Male Championship Cup” spring basketball tournament!
awarding ceremony

The champion team cheered for the championship


Technical Director Chen Zhisheng presents the award to the champion team

Group photo of all

Passion burns on the field, and happy sweat spills on the way forward on the field. In the future, Xiamen Xiongba will continue to aim to enrich the cultural life of Xiongba, and from the perspective of promoting the physical and mental health of Xiongba’s family, hold more diverse cultural and sports activities to enrich the construction of corporate culture.

We look forward to the next basketball match. Goodbye!

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