World Environment Day | Interview with Morten Wierod, President of ABB Group’s Electrical Division



Jun 6, 2023

Today, we celebrate the 50th World Environment Day. As one of the largest environmental protection promotion platforms in the world, World Environment Day aims to promote a stronger awareness of ecological and environmental protection in the whole society, calling on everyone to actively practice more sustainable production and lifestyle, and coexist harmoniously with nature
Previously, Morten Wierod (Chinese name: Ma Teng), the global president of ABB Group’s electrical business unit, gave an interview to CGTN (China International Television) in Xiamen to share how ABB utilizes technological innovation to achieve its own net zero carbon goals, and worked with customers and partners to make positive contributions to creating a cleaner and more sustainable future for China.
ABB, as a global technology leader in the field of power and automation, has been focusing on the Chinese market for more than 30 years, continuously developing and providing innovative technologies and solutions to support sustainable development in various industries.

Xiamen is one of the starting points for ABB’s investment and development in China. Ma Teng reviewed the establishment of ABB’s first joint venture factory in China in Xiamen and his personal experience working in China, emphasizing the process of ABB’s local innovation ability from scratch and comprehensive improvement. It is precisely these continuous technological innovations that enable ABB to maintain a leading advantage in various fields in the market.

When it comes to electric vehicles, Ma Teng mentioned that ABB China has delivered over 1 million charging stations globally and actively participated in the global transformation process of electric transportation.

He believes that in the process of achieving carbon neutrality, we need cross-border cooperation, as well as cooperation among all people, including governments, businesses, and the public. Everyone participates in different ways, raises awareness, and makes the right choices.

When it comes to the future development space of intelligent manufacturing, Ma Teng believes that the only limitation is ourselves. The application of new technologies will lead us to generate new ideas, which in turn will drive new innovation and repeat itself. For example, industrial robots have expanded from their initial use in automotive production and mobile phone assembly to various applications today, including switchgear assembly. In the future, the combination of automation and digital technology will continue to develop, making manufacturing more intelligent and driving social progress.

Finally, Ma Teng expressed optimism and confidence in China’s economic development: this is a very attractive market. Over the past 30 years, ABB has been rooted in China to conduct business; We are committed to long-term development in China and hope to participate in China’s bright future through more investment and technology.

About Xiamen carbon neutrality Park:

ABB supports global sustainable development and is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its operations by 2030, and has launched the “ABB Mission to Zero” project in multiple locations around the world. Over the course of 30 months, based on ABB’s digital innovation technology concept, ABB’s smart energy management, smart energy storage integration solution, combined with smart building systems, i-bus light control systems, and charging piles, has been applied to achieve precise regulation of source grid load storage, build a smart microgrid in the park, and promote the key step of ABB Xiamen Industrial Center’s “zero emission vision”. The “Carbon Neutrality” park demonstration base project has become a demonstration of smart parks, a demand side response demonstration of new power systems, and a demonstration of smart microgrids. It is expected that 50% of electricity will be replaced by clean energy through rooftop photovoltaics, reducing carbon emissions by 13400 tons annually.

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