ABB Zhao Yongzhan was invited to participate in the 2023 International Standardization Conference and proposed to drive the transformation of the entire electric society with innovative technology



Jun 8, 2023

Industry standards are the technical support for economic activities and social development, and ABB, as a global electrical leading enterprise, contributes its own strength to it

Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, gave a keynote speech on “Sustainable Development and Creating a Low Carbon Future Together”

Promoting low-carbon and high-quality development of society through innovative technologies such as electrification, automation, and digitization

Currently, the energy revolution is reshaping the global industrial structure, reshaping energy formats, and reshaping energy use and management methods. With the utilization of renewable energy, the introduction of artificial intelligence and communication technology, more “smart” energy is coming towards us. In the face of this change, ABB, as a leader and participant, continues to innovate in the fields of electrification, automation, and digitalization, identifying standardized paths to improve energy and operational efficiency, promoting industrial transformation, and building a sustainable electrification future.

On June 7, 2023, Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, was invited to attend the 2023 International Standardization Conference held at the IEC International Standards Promotion Center in Nanjing and delivered a keynote speech titled “Sustainable Development, Creating a Low Carbon Future Together”. The theme of this conference is “International Standardization Helps the Transformation of the Electric Society”, jointly organized by the National Standards Commission of China (SAC), the German Electrotechnical Commission (DKE), and the British Standards Institute (BSI). The world’s three major standardization institutions, IEC, ISO, and ITU, provide professional support. The conference aims to create a professional dialogue platform for international organizations, government agencies, research institutes, and business groups to participate together.

This conference released an IEC strategic white paper, initiated cooperation initiatives, and explored existing technologies and application scenarios, future technology development trends, international standardization needs and practices in various fields in the context of the entire electricity society.

Looking back at ABB’s over 130 years of innovation history, I have a forward-looking understanding of standardization work and am actively involved. In recent years, ABB has sent expert groups to actively participate in the formulation and revision of international standards, such as IEC high-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards, IEC low-voltage switchgear and control equipment standards, and IEC substation network and communication protocol standards; ABB is also actively participating in the work related to the Chinese technical standard 3C, contributing its efforts based on local demand. Zhao Yongzhan, President of ABB Electric China, stated that ABB, as a global electrical leader, plays a crucial role in the process of standard formulation both internationally and domestically. At present, the breakthroughs, cross-border applications, and applications of more new technologies continue to promote the updating and iteration of industry standards, which also inspires our enterprises to move forward courageously, from “trial and error” to “demonstration”, and help promote the low-carbon and high-quality development of thousands of industries. Green product design is an important part of the whole chain of sustainable development. Innovative Ecological design can solve 70% of environmental pollution and resource consumption in the whole life cycle of products in the design process. ABB actively explores product structure and functional design, selects green and environmentally friendly raw materials, and optimizes resource and environmental issues in all aspects. For example, the PT environmentally friendly pole of VD4 vacuum circuit breaker has 100% recyclability of all materials; The NeoGear low-voltage switchgear adopts a stacked busbar scheme widely used in fields such as airplanes, automobiles, and space stations, reducing occupancy space by up to 25% and heat consumption by 20%; The gas insulated switchgear (GIS) uses dry air to replace the powerful greenhouse gas Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6), greatly reducing the potential value of global warming. Digital technology, as an important fulcrum for industrial upgrading, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and high-quality development, plays a crucial role in promoting the transformation of the entire society. ABB regards green design as the foundation for digital development, and based on digital twin technology, develops AI algorithms for equipment health assessment and diagnosis, intelligentizing power equipment. It continues to explore in depth in modeling, data mapping, visualization, application scenarios, and other fields, mining the asset value of equipment and data to build a smart power system. In China, ABB actively carries out green transformation, responds to the inherent needs of sustainable development of enterprises, deploys sustainable development measures, and strives to achieve its ambitious goal of operating carbon neutrality by 2030. At ABB’s own facilities, measures such as adopting renewable energy power, using energy efficiency and building automation management systems, upgrading equipment and transforming production processes, and promoting zero landfill of waste have been taken to reduce corporate carbon emissions. Several of its subsidiaries have been awarded “carbon neutrality certification”, “zero landfill certification for waste”, and the title of “green factory” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Recently, ABB Xiamen Industrial Center has become a “carbon neutral” park and a demonstration base for sustainable intelligent manufacturing. The project innovatively applies ABB intelligent energy management and intelligent energy storage integration scheme, combines intelligent building system, i-bus light control system and Charging station, realizes accurate regulation of source network load storage, builds smart micro grid in the park, and connects with the Virtual power plant platform of Xiamen Electric Power Company, two-way information interaction, achieves independent and accurate response on the demand side, and promotes the development of innovative technology of cloud side integrated energy regulation.

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