Smart healthcare, creating new life together! ABB Robotics’ First Biopharmaceutical Special Technical Exchange Conference Successfully Ends



Jun 9, 2023

On May 12th, ABB successfully held its first medical industry technology exchange conference. This exchange meeting focused on the field of biopharmaceuticals, where ABB Robotics and leading medical partners from both domestic and foreign countries gathered to discuss in depth how to utilize ABB’s leading robot automation technology and cutting-edge artificial intelligence research results to provide more comprehensive solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical enterprises.

On the day of the meeting, Wang Tao, the project leader of Zhangjiang Robot Valley, Wang Tong, the head of ABB Robot China’s consumer goods and service robot business unit, and several technical experts from the medical industry were invited as special guests to give wonderful speeches to the audience on site. They expressed their professional views on the development trend of laboratory automation, ABB laboratory automation cases, unmanned cell culture, technical difficulties in pharmaceutical automation laboratories and other topics. The atmosphere at the scene was warm, and they jointly looked forward to the bright future of laboratory automation.In addition to listening to the wonderful speech, all participants also visited the recently launched ABB Robot Ultimate Factories on the day of the exchange meeting, and felt the advanced robot technology and products under the artificial intelligence. With the continuous development of industrial robots and artificial intelligence technology, laboratory automation in the pharmaceutical industry will move towards an increasingly intelligent trend. In the future, Laboratory equipment will be able to independently complete complex experimental operations and data processing, thus improving the efficiency and accuracy of the laboratory. And robots will also play a role in drug production, packaging, quality inspection and other aspects, improving production efficiency and quality.
In the future, ABB Robotics will continue to hold more technical exchange meetings targeting different fields of the medical industry, providing technical support and more customized smart medical solutions for enterprises. At the same time, it will continue to invest in research and development, constantly launch more advanced technologies and solutions, and continue to provide support and help for the Digital transformation of the medical industry.

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