Global Chemical Company Standardizes RCA Across More Than 40 Sites



Jun 20, 2023

  In April 2021, Baker Hughes acquired ARMS Reliability as part of the Bently Nevada business. ARMS Reliability’s broad range of asset management and reliability solutions, software, and expertise expands Bently Nevada’s portfolio and offers customers unparalleled capabilities in Asset Performance Management.

  Executive Summary

  A major global chemical company was challenged by inconsistent approaches to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) which were delivering mixed results. The client wanted to embed a standard approach to investigations using OnePM® to provide visibility of learnings across multiple sites.

  ARMS Reliability was engaged to lead this project which has involved training, change management, and the rollout of OnePM® to more than 40 sites across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

  The client is now benefitting from more consistent and quality investigations as well as a connected data set which allows it to leverage learnings and solutions across sites. Additional results include:

  More than 220 investigations undertaken in nine months with 60% closed within the same period

  Millions of dollars in savings with one investigation alone resulting in savings of more than a half million US dollars

  Greater ability to apply solutions to like assets and prevent recurrence of problems

  The Problem

  The client’s previous approach to RCA was unstructured. There was no alignment on which events required an investigation and when investigations were conducted, and there was no common process to follow. Another issue was that sites lacked an effective way to track investigations through to resolution.

  As an asset heavy business with mission critical operations, the client needed a standard approach for RCA that would help sites conduct quality investigations and generate effective solutions. It also wanted a system that would support the execution of solutions and prevent recurrence of problems.

  The Solution

  The client chose to adopt a standard RCA methodology that would produce an evidence-based understanding of problems and generate solutions that address proven causes.

  ARMS Reliability worked with the client to drive the adoption of the RCA methodology across more than 40 sites in multiple countries. This involved establishing clear trigger points for when investigations should occur and upskilling more than 70 employees to act as RCA facilitators and subject matter experts. Most of the training was delivered remotely through webinars and complemented by internal user group sessions.

  OnePM® was deployed to remove data silos and provide a centralized system for tracking and reporting on investigations and solutions. This has enabled RCA to be managed as a central activity and facilitated the sharing of knowledge and best practices. For example, the client can now apply learnings from one investigation to prevent the same failure from occurring to similar assets at other sites.

  The Benefits

  Standard methodology embedded across sites

  Training and consulting from ARMS Reliability have helped upskill the client’s employees and drive the adoption of a standard RCA methodology across more than forty sites in multiple countries.

  Fast implementation

  OnePM® was deployed within three weeks and ARMS Reliability drove rapid adoption through training and by encouraging internal subject matter experts to hold their own sessions for users to share learnings and ask questions.

  Increase in successful investigations

  Clear trigger points have led to an increasing number of investigations with more than 220 undertaken in the first nine months. Sixty percent of these were closed within the same time period.

  Significant cost savings

  Based on actions put in place to prevent recurrence of one problem alone, expected cost avoidance is in the range of one million dollars. In addition, by identifying critical equipment failures and other events, the client has been able to implement actions to extend the life of assets and reduce risk.

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