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Jun 28, 2023

The semiconductor manufacturing process is precise and complex, and the stability of electricity is crucial for the normal operation and product quality of semiconductor equipment. Usually, voltage transients may cause errors, cuts, or data loss to the PLC, servo drivers, frequency converters, interlocking units, and control units within the semiconductor equipment, resulting in significant losses.


The sense of security bestowed by SEMI F47

To ensure the safety and stability of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, SEMI F47 certification is listed as one of the necessary specifications for the semiconductor industry, used to evaluate and verify the tolerance of equipment and devices in the semiconductor industry environment.

For devices such as servo drives and frequency converters that have many internal protection measures, such as voltage drops to 50% instantly and recovers within 0.2 seconds, the device itself can resist and its function is not affected by this, meeting the SEMI F47 certification standard. For semiconductor industrial equipment, a large number of low-voltage DC power products also need to comply with SEMI F47 switching power supply, that is, to have continuous stable output in the environment of interference fluctuations in the power grid.

Safeguarding Semiconductor Manufacturing

The Machiyang 0165N switching power supply meets the SEMI F47 certification standard, which means it meets the strict requirements of the semiconductor industry for the stability of switching power supplies. It also proves that even if short-term fluctuations decrease to less than 50% of the original value, the Machiyang switching power supply can continue to provide stable output, protecting semi conductor equipment from voltage transients, thereby reducing production line downtime and the risk of equipment failure.

The 0165N switching power supply, which can withstand significant power fluctuations, is of great significance for the application of semiconductor equipment. It will prevent equipment and systems from being damaged or malfunctioning due to power abnormalities, extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce maintenance costs, and help maintain consistency and high quality in semiconductor production.With stable power supply capacity, excellent reliability, and the ability to protect equipment, the Machiyang 0165N switching power supply has become an ideal choice in the semiconductor industry, which also means meeting the strict requirements of more industry customers for power stability and providing them with high-quality and reliable power solutions.

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