Weidmuller set up a new logistics center in Thuringia, Germany



Jul 3, 2023

Weidmuller Group, headquartered in Deltmore, officially opened its new logistics center in Hesselberg Heinishi. With the help of the Weidmuller Distribution Center (WDC), this active global electronic equipment and electrical connectivity company will further strengthen its sustainable strategy of localizing its industrial chain while optimizing the logistics workflow of China Europe. The logistics center was put into operation in February 2023.

With the completion and commissioning of WDC, Weidmuller successfully completed the largest single investment project in the company’s history to date. The new logistics center not far from Eisenach covers a total area of about 72000 square meters, and the construction period is about two years. Through WDC, Weidmuller will significantly optimize its logistics workflow while improving the sustainability of the workflow. This logistics center equipped with cutting-edge technology is ten kilometers away from Th ü ringische Weidm ü ller GmbH (TWG) center. It has largely achieved automation, providing end-to-end digitization and flexible networked delivery and customer service. The requirements for logistics in the future will become increasingly complex and ever-changing. With the forward-looking and innovative design of logistics centers, we have met many future customer needs, “said Volker Bibelhausen, Chief Technical Officer and Board spokesperson for Weidmuller. He added, “In this way, we can provide better customer service and develop future development paths more flexibly and sustainably

WDC has completely changed Weidmuller’s logistics workflow

Sustainability and cutting-edge technology

In the design process of WDC, Weidmuller combines cutting-edge logistics technology with sustainable building components. In addition to some roof greening, the center also integrates a powerful photovoltaic system and energy-saving heat pumps. On the whole, the new logistics center meets the requirements of the company’s sustainable industrial chain localization strategy: in the Thuringia Center, WDC has established a central transfer point for Weidmuller’s products produced in Central Europe. Shortening transportation and delivery routes can significantly reduce carbon emissions in the future. In addition, the logistics center will create over 80 new job opportunities. Dr. Sebastian Durst, Chief Operating Officer of Weidmuller, emphasized the cutting-edge technology of the new logistics center: “Our new logistics center combines automation and digitization, providing us with unlimited possibilities to continuously provide high standards, high quality, and efficient services. In the long run, we will completely innovate the logistics workflow

WDC has created over 80 new jobs

The logistics center officially unveils

Recently, Weidmuller, headquartered in Deltmore, introduced its new logistics center to nearly 200 special guests. Mr. Christian Blum (Mayor of Hesselberg Heinishi City) and Mr. Andreas Krey (Chairman of the Management Committee of Thuringia Economic Development Bureau) attended the opening ceremony. Also present at the Opening ceremony was Dr. Katja B ö hler (Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Science and Digital Society of Thuringia): “This investment of Weidmuller clearly shows the huge economic potential of the region and even the entire Thuringia state. I am very glad to witness Weidmuller’s continuous help to build a promising and sustainable future for the region.”

Weidmuller had face-to-face communication with the guests and led them to visit the logistics center. During this time, he introduced the future development blueprint of the new logistics center to the guests and answered relevant questions.

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