Heavyweight! Board members of SICK Group visited China in June to increase investment in the Chinese market



Jul 6, 2023

From June 6th to June 10th, in early summer, everything grows and is full of vitality. SICK Group’s global board members visited China for the first time after three years of absence, which is one of the most important markets for SICK Group in the world. There are a total of three members of the group’s board of directors who visited this time, namely Dr. Mats Goekstorp, the chairman of the board, Mr. Jiao Feng, the board member in charge of global business, and Ms. Nicole Kurek, the board member in charge of global organization and culture. I am very pleased to share with you some important developments and achievements of the group’s director’s visit to China.

Firstly, Dr. Mats Goekstorp and Mr. Jiao Feng arrived at the first stop at the Shanghai office of Sike China. Mr. Wang Ping, General Manager of Sike China, held a meeting with all members of the management team and the directors to deeply communicate and discuss the relevant business of Sike China. Dr. Mats Goekstorp, Chairman of the SICK Group’s Board of Directors, fully acknowledged and appreciated the achievements of SICK China in a challenging environment, and expressed the group’s confidence in the sustained growth of the Chinese market, as well as its determination and concrete actions to support its roots in China and serve local customers well.

In the Shanghai office of Xike China

After the meeting, the two directors also visited the visual laboratory and research and development center in Shanghai, expressing positive appreciation for Sike China’s local research and development capabilities, rapid response to customer and market demands, and helping customers succeed. They also strengthened their strategic direction of continuous localization.

Visit the Visual Laboratory and R&D Center of Sike China Shanghai Office

Accompanied by Mr. Wang Ping, General Manager of Xike China, and Mr. Ding Boxiang, Deputy General Manager, Dr. Mats Goekstorp and Mr. Jiao signed a strategic cooperation agreement with domestic cutting-edge robot research and development manufacturing enterprise Xinshida and tire laser engraving pioneer Gude Intelligent. This is a milestone cooperation that will bring enormous development potential to the group. Through cooperation with these enterprises, we are confident in maintaining a competitive advantage in the global market, especially in the Chinese market. Next, the three directors arrived at the second stop – Xike’s factory in Changzhou, Jiangsu Xike Sensor Co., Ltd. (PCC). Accompanied by General Manager Chen Yongquan, Operations Director Liu Xiaochun, Project Manager Stefan Jacob, and others, they visited the PCC factory. Each member of the PCC office participated in the introduction of PCC’s production status, process innovation, and digital applications, The next three directors delivered a “Board Voice” to all members of PCC and listened to the business report. Dr. Mats Goekstorp, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Jiao Feng and Ms. Nicole Kurek, members of the Board of Directors, delivered speeches stating that this factory visit left a very deep impression on them. PCC is a very young and dynamic team with unlimited potential for the future. Subsequently, accompanied by General Manager Chen Yongquan and others, Dr. Mats Goekstorp and General Manager Jiao visited the Wuhan High tech Planning Museum and had friendly and constructive meetings with high-level officials of the Wujin local government in Changzhou. Given the favorable business environment in Changzhou with a first phase investment of $6 million, SICK Group has decided to increase its capital by an additional $4.5 million to expand production scale and recruit experienced management personnel; This indicates that SICK Group is confident in the development prospects of the Chinese market and Changzhou factory, and will further increase its investment in product production in the future.

Next, Dr. Mats Goekstorp, Chairman of the Board of Directors, as well as Mr. Jiao Feng and Ms. Nicole Kurek, members of the Board of Directors, continued their journey north to the third stop of their local itinerary: the Beijing headquarters of Sik&Hack Corporation. Regarding business development, medium and long-term strategies, and cultural concepts, Sik Group’s Board of Directors and SMC management conducted in-depth discussions. Dr. Mats Goekstorp, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Jiao Feng and Ms. Nicole Kurek, members of the Board of Directors, express their gratitude to the SMC management team and employees for experiencing numerous macro and micro difficulties over the past three years, but the business still maintains sustainable development. At the same time, the three directors stated that the Chinese PA market is a very important part of Sike Group, and the group hopes to work with SMC management to continue to explore the potential of the PA industry and applications with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. The three directors also visited the SMC System Engineering Center and the ongoing Beijing Maintenance Center, expressing recognition for the customer-oriented modern “center” construction. Subsequently, the directors held a round table meeting with the employees to share the core strategy of Sike Group, boost morale, provide clear guidance, and discuss employee care topics. Visit the SMC System Engineering Center and the ongoing Beijing Maintenance Center

It is worth mentioning that Ms. Nicole Kurek, the director in charge of global organizations and culture, also achieved fruitful results during her trip to China. During her visit, she had several fruitful meetings with the Chinese management team, top talent, and human resources team. Nicole expressed appreciation for the excellent leadership skills and healthy talent pool of Chinese companies, and emphasized the importance of continuous investment in the Chinese market. She encourages colleagues in the China region to actively participate, express their views bravely, and actively contribute to change. In addition, she also discussed the need to optimize the company structure, with a special focus on integrating human resources and facility functions.

Overall, the visit of the group’s directors to China this time has sent a positive signal, further consolidating the company’s confidence in investment in China. The company recognizes the strategic importance of the Chinese market and will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market, and cooperate with excellent Chinese enterprises to achieve greater development together.

We believe that through these positive and in-depth cooperation and exchanges, the group’s future opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market will be better addressed, and we will work together towards a better future.

Visit the glass factory
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