Tesla’s big move! Another robot Ultimate Factories is about to settle in Mexico



Jul 13, 2023

On July 11, it was reported by foreign media that at Tesla Investor Day on March 1, CEO Musk confirmed that they would build a factory in Nuevo León, Mexico, to produce the next generation of electric vehicles.

According to the latest reports of foreign media, Samuel Alejandro Garc í a Sep ú lveda, the governor of Nuevo León, where the factory is located, revealed that all permits for the factory were being promoted, and environmental protection, energy and water resources had been inspected.

Although there is no specific date for granting permission, Governor Sep ú lveda expects Tesla to be able to start the first phase of factory construction at any time.

However, the foreign media also mentioned in the report that the Mexican Ultimate Factories with various permits under way and ready to start the first phase of construction may be difficult to replicate the construction speed of Gigafactory Shanghai. Due to the restrictions of some local trade union rules and the transfer of supply chain, the completion of the factory may be postponed to 2025.

In addition, Sep ú lveda also revealed that Tesla’s next generation electric vehicle for the mass market has been designed and tentatively named Model 2, which will become the “best” and “most economical” electric vehicle in the global market.

Some foreign media also mentioned in the report that the construction of Tesla Mexico Ultimate Factories will start in the summer, and then Model 2 may be announced.

Since Musk confirmed the construction of a Ultimate Factories in Nuevo León, Tesla has not yet disclosed the scale of this Ultimate Factories. However, according to the information disclosed by the mayor of the factory location, foreign media reported that Tesla’s Mexican Ultimate Factories covers an area of nearly 4200 acres, or about 25495.2 acres, which is far larger than the factory Tesla has built or is building at present.

The large land area means that the investment in the factory will also be quite large. Mexican sources have previously revealed that it will exceed $5 billion, and some insiders have also revealed that it may be close to $10 billion.

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