Eberland acquires German automation technology engineering company LAE Engineering GmbH



Jul 19, 2023

Eterboron is a continuously growing technology services company that provides services to world leading industrial companies. Recently, it expanded its business in the German market by acquiring LAE Engineering GmbH. LAE Engineering is an engineering company that provides expertise in electrical engineering planning, power generation, building and industrial automation, as well as information management systems and industrial IT.

Eterboron is very pleased to welcome LAE Engineering as a part of our business in Germany and globally. LAE Engineering has established a good reputation in its thirty years of business, led by an experienced team of approximately 70 employees who firmly focus on customers, quality, and technology.

This is an important acquisition by Eternal as it further enhances our influence in the German market. By adding LAE to our operations, we will provide services to customers in Germany and other regions on a broader scale, such as adding building automation to our products Juha N ä kki, President and CEO of Eternal Braun, said.

This transaction marks an important milestone in the highly successful journey of LAE Engineering to date, and I am pleased that we are now part of Eternal Braun. Eternal Braun shares many success factors with LAE, namely collaboration, a vision of comprehensive professional knowledge, a passion for serving customers, and a high focus on innovative solutions. They are strong partners that will enable us to further drive LAE The development of this will benefit the entire team, market, and our customers Werner Rensch, Managing Director of LAE Engineering, said.

By acquiring LAE Engineering GmbH, Eternal continues its international growth journey with a strategy and ambition to provide comprehensive services to all current markets. After the acquisition, Eternal has over 500 employees in 15 different locations in Germany, and LAE Engineering was merged into Eternal in July 2023.

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