Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition | ABB Robot and Mettler Toledo Create the Future Unmanned Laboratory



Jul 20, 2023

Laboratory Automation Solutions

Based on strategic cooperation, ABB robots and Mettler’s LabX software have established a low-level interaction to achieve more stable signal interaction. Instead of manual work, ABB’s cooperative robot GoFa cooperates with all Mettler Toledo instruments to automatically complete a series of precise operations, such as scanning sample ID, placing/retrieving titration cup, automatically adding/removing liquid gun head, simulating manual liquid transfer, and so on. It covers most of the repetitive, error prone, infection prone, labor-intensive testing work.

In order to let this set of true “digital gospel” meet the public as soon as possible, ABB will go to Munich Shanghai Analytical Biochemistry Exhibition with Mettler Toledo from July 11 to 13, and show how automation technology can play a major role in the medical industry at booth 2.2A101 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center!

ABB SCY series input and output modules

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