London ABB Formula E Season 9 Flag Lowered



Jul 30, 2023

ABB FIA Formula E World championship returns to London for the last two races of the season

ABB’s charging solutions help improve infrastructure in the UK

ABB Intelligent Building Technology Helps Improve Urban Energy Efficiency

With the end of the 9th season of the ABB FIA Formula E World championship at ExCeL Exhibition Center, the champion will be crowned in London this weekend.

22 riders will compete again on the unique London ExCeL circuit, which zigzags inside and outside the Royal Harbor Exhibition Center. The changes in road surface, elevation, and lighting of this 2.09 kilometer, 20 turn track have brought a series of challenges to the field.

Karin Lepasoon, Chief Communications and Sustainable Development Officer of ABB, said: “Electrification solutions for achieving clean transportation will play a crucial role in improving air quality in urban areas. Therefore, showcasing the latest electric vehicle technology in London is crucial to help encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and promote a more sustainable future

The number of public charging devices installed in the UK is rapidly increasing, with an increase of 33% last year. ABB is working with customers to help promote this necessary growth. At present, the company has about 2000 Charging station in operation in the UK, and is constantly trying to improve access.

The adoption of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation is only one part of the solution to make cities more sustainable. Building energy consumption accounts for over 30% of global energy consumption, and improving efficiency is crucial. Intelligent building technology can reduce energy consumption by dimming lighting, controlling shading, and adjusting HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), thereby helping businesses take more sustainable actions and control costs.

The second tallest building in London – Bishopsgate No. 22- intelligent building platform includes ABB’s i-bus KNX technology, which can connect lights, fans, sun shading controllers and other electronic units to achieve real-time adjustment and reduce energy demand by up to 10%. The building only uses renewable energy, and ABB’s switchgear and distribution system ensure stability and comfort. This technology helps the building meet the net zero standards of the London Energy Transformation Initiative, obtain Wired Score Platinum certification, obtain Active Score Platinum rating, and obtain BREEAM Excellent and WELL certification.

The Caprice Holdings restaurant Bacchanalia, located in Mayfair, London, also uses ABB’s i-bus KNX intelligent building technology to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere, while adjusting to reflect the time of the day and the intensity of natural sunlight. This provides diners with the best lighting experience while optimizing energy use.

ABB’s technology will be further showcased in London as part of the FIA Girls on Track program, which provides opportunities for girls aged 12 to 18 to explore different aspects of the racing industry through a series of events and seminars. ABB is organizing a seminar focused on ABB robotics technology, featuring one of the company’s most innovative collaborative robots – GoFa, allowing girls to learn basic programming skills. As an official charging partner, ABB also held a seminar to introduce its charging technology used in series and on the road to project participants.

As the venue for the last race of the 9th season, London will also be the venue for the first ABB Progressive Driver Award. This will be awarded to the driver who achieved the most rankings during the season – a feat that requires a careful balance between speed, overtaking skills, and energy management. After these competitions, the championship will return for testing before the tenth season in October.

ABB is a technology leader in the field of electrification and automation, committed to building a more sustainable and resource efficient future. The company’s solution combines engineering expertise with software to optimize the manufacturing, movement, power supply, and operation of items. With over 130 years of outstanding experience, ABB has approximately 105000 employees dedicated to driving innovation and accelerating industrial transformation.

About Formula E and ABB FIA Formula E World championship:

As the first all electric FIA World championship in the world and the only sports event that has obtained net zero carbon certification since its inception, ABB FIA Formula E World championship have brought exciting competitions to the center of some of the most iconic cities in the world, providing an elite racing platform for motor sports around the world. Leading automakers accelerating innovation in electric vehicles.

The Formula E network, which is composed of teams, manufacturers, partners, broadcasters and host cities, is united by its enthusiasm for the sport and its belief in its potential to accelerate sustainable human progress and create a better future for humanity and the planet


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