What I mean is that your budget is too low to cooperate, our budget



Aug 2, 2023

Recently, the Japanese robotics company Telexistence (“TX”) announced that it has obtained US$170 million in Series B financing. New investment institutions include SoftBank Group, HH-CTBC Partnership (Foxconn Joint GP Fund) and Globis Capital Partners. The main investment in the previous rounds The investors – GLP’s venture capital institution Monoful Venture Partners (“MVP”), which focuses on investing in start-ups in the Japanese logistics and real estate fields, KDDI Open Innovation Investment Fund, and Airbus Venture Capital Fund continue to follow suit. The company will use the new capital raised to strengthen its workforce globally for global business expansion.

After this round of financing, TX will establish a global strategic partnership with Softbank Robotics Group, a subsidiary of Softbank, which will support TX to accelerate the commercialization process in the North American market; and start business cooperation with Hon Hai, a subsidiary of Foxconn. The next-generation teleoperated robot “GHOST”.

Founded in 2017, TX is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. With the vision of “advancing the robot revolution that can benefit all mankind”, it mainly develops artificial intelligence-driven robotic arms for the retail and warehousing logistics industries. The company has now deployed its robot service in 300 Family Mart convenience stores in Japan.

In addition to MVP, GLP’s Hidden Mountain Capital was also an early investor in TX when it was established. On the one hand, it gave full play to GLP’s global business network and resource advantages, and supported TX to accelerate the expansion of its robot applications to logistics scenarios; on the other hand, Hidden Mountain Capital also makes full use of the advantages of China’s supply chain, and cooperates with other domestic invested companies to empower TX from multiple perspectives such as resource docking, joint research and development, and product export to help TX advance in all aspects, and jointly accelerate the application of intelligent robot technology in global logistics And the innovative application and cost reduction and efficiency increase in the field of real estate.

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