The New Global Headquarters of Locus Robotics Breaks Ground



Aug 16, 2023

Locus Robotics, a global leader in warehouse automation autonomous mobile robots (AMR), has officially broken ground at its new global headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA. This expansion measure not only reflects the company’s significant growth in recent years, but also demonstrates its firm determination to innovate in the rapidly developing warehouse automation field in the future.

Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics, said, “We are very pleased with the groundbreaking at our new headquarters in Wilmington. This significant milestone fully reflects our strong growth momentum and our commitment to using advanced artificial intelligence driven robot solutions to profoundly change the warehouse automation industry

It is reported that the new facility located in the Boston area covers nearly 18580 square meters and will become the core of Locus Robotics’ expanding global business. The facility will also accommodate Locus’s vibrant engineering, manufacturing, and operations professional team, jointly promoting the innovative development of robot warehouse automation. At the same time, additional space has also reserved room for future expansion and growth.

Faulk also emphasized that the company’s new facilities will stimulate local employment and innovation, in line with the company’s vision of promoting world-class technological progress and economic growth. The new milestone further confirms Locus Robotics’ position as a global leader in warehouse automation and lays a solid foundation for the company’s sustained development and future innovation.

The company, with its LocusONE warehouse automation platform driven by artificial intelligence and data science, has been committed to assisting labor shortage third-party logistics, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing enterprises in optimizing operational productivity, reducing costs, and maintaining competitiveness in the rapidly developing e-commerce environment.

The LocusONE warehouse automation platform can smoothly manage the operation and management of enterprise level multiple robot dimensions within a single coordination platform. This platform is committed to optimizing robot task allocation, route planning, and resource utilization, while providing real-time insights for warehouse operations.

Locus Robotics’ solution has been running in over 230 contracted sites worldwide, with each site owning up to 500 LocusBots. These solutions can efficiently and seamlessly coordinate the operation and management of multiple robot dimensions, providing forward-looking and real-time business intelligence support for optimizing productivity, actively managing labor, and controlling costs.

Overall, the groundbreaking of the new headquarters is not only an important step towards Locus Robotics’ global leadership, but also brings new vitality and hope to the innovation and development of the entire warehouse automation field.

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