Focusing on efficiency and energy conservation, ABB continues to invest in technological innovation



Aug 18, 2023

Recently, Meta, the global president of ABB Motion Control Business Unit and member of ABB Group’s Executive Committee, visited China for in-depth exchanges with the government, customers, media, and employees. She also visited the newly completed ABB Transmission Research and Development Center in Beijing and the ABB Motor and Generator Factory in Shanghai. He affirmed the development achievements of ABB’s business in China and is also full of expectations for greater development prospects in the future.

China is actively promoting the implementation of the “dual carbon” goals, and technological innovation is a key engine to support and lead green and high-quality development. Meta said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency, I am very pleased to see that China is rapidly moving towards an efficient and low-carbon society. From new energy efficiency standards to feedback from recent customer research, various industries in China are taking action to make low-carbon not just a mere word of mouth, but a tangible reality. This trend is highly aligned with our business direction. ABB is continuously increasing its research and development efforts, developing more energy-saving and efficient products and solutions, and supporting China to further accelerate its progress towards achieving greater success A low-carbon future

Innovation is the core of ABB’s market competitiveness and one of ABB’s key investment areas in China. For many years, ABB China’s motion control business has continuously improved its local research and development capabilities. Currently, it has approximately 450 research and development personnel in Beijing and Shanghai, leading or participating in the development of numerous innovative products, including frequency converters, cloud connected control panels, high-voltage motors, and low-voltage motors. In 2022, ABB Transmission and Control North Asia R&D headquarters was established in Beijing. It responds to market demand more quickly and efficiently with customized products and services, helping to promote long-term business growth. Previously, ABB also established the Nanjing Servo Product Research and Development Center, focusing on the development of new generation servo products.

ABB‘s Motion Control Division has been widely recognized for its innovative strength and technological leadership position in the Chinese market. In 2022, Beijing ABB Electric Transmission System Co., Ltd. became the first batch of foreign-funded research and development centers recognized by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Management Committee; ABB High Voltage Motor Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd., located in Minhang Development Zone, Shanghai, have been recognized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce as foreign-funded research and development centers; These three companies have also been selected multiple times as one of the “Top 100 Electrical Industries in China” and have won industry awards.

With the mission of “driving the world’s operation and promoting energy conservation”, ABB Motion Control Division empowers various industries to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction by developing and providing innovative frequency converters, motors, generators, and integrated digital transmission chain solutions, in line with China’s “dual carbon” goal vision. As of the end of 2022, ABB has delivered over 11 million frequency converters and high-efficiency motors in China, saving over 510 billion kilowatt hours of electricity, equivalent to a reduction of approximately 500 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and saving electricity equivalent to the total social electricity consumption of Shanghai in three years.

At the same time, ABB aims to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2030, and achieves sustainable development through measures such as using renewable energy for power generation, improving energy efficiency, and reducing emissions. Not long ago, the “Green Factory” Beijing ABB Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. and its Nanjing Servo R&D Center were awarded the “Carbon Neutrality” certificate by Beijing Green Exchange Co., Ltd., marking that ABB Drive achieved its operational carbon neutrality goal in 2022; According to the evaluation by the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, ABB’s two subsidiaries, ABB High Voltage Motor Co., Ltd. and Shanghai ABB Motor Co., Ltd., have been selected as “zero carbon benchmark factories” and are achieving the group’s sustainable development goals ahead of schedule.

In order to raise awareness of energy conservation and address climate change more widely, ABB has launched the “Energy Efficiency Action” initiative globally since 2021. As one of the series of activities of this initiative, ABB held a special seminar on ABB China’s energy conservation and efficiency enhancement in March this year. Experts and representatives from the government, academia, and business community had in-depth exchanges on the theme of energy conservation and efficiency enhancement, interpreting the opportunities and challenges faced by improving industrial energy efficiency, and working together to explore new models of low-carbon transformation and build a new ecosystem of green development. Currently, more Chinese companies are joining the initiative and taking practical actions to reduce energy consumption and emissions.

A global survey commissioned by ABB last year showed that China is leading in energy conservation investment, with 86% of surveyed Chinese companies planning to improve energy efficiency in their operations. These survey results reflect the achievements of the Chinese government in the 14th Five Year Plan and its efforts to address climate change. ABB believes that technology is the key to empowering future prosperity and sustainable development, and will develop more efficient motor and frequency converter products and solutions that integrate digital technology, supporting various industries in China to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions, and helping to achieve the “dual carbon” goals and high-quality sustainable development.

ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a global technology leader committed to promoting social and industry transformation and achieving a more efficient and sustainable future. ABB integrates intelligent technology into electrical, robotics, automation, motion control products and solutions through software, continuously expanding technological boundaries and improving performance to new heights. ABB has a remarkable history of over 130 years, with operations in over 100 countries and regions worldwide and a workforce of 105000. ABB has comprehensive business activities in China, including research and development, manufacturing, sales, and engineering services. It has 27 local enterprises and 15000 employees in nearly 130 cities, with online and offline channels covering approximately 700 cities nationwide.

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