Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure open automation platform has been recognized by Frost&Sullivan, empowering Brilliant Planet’s digital upgrade



Aug 25, 2023

Recently, in Frost&Sullivan’s annual global open automation platform selection, Schneider Electric relied on EcoStruxure ™ The outstanding practical performance of open automation platforms in the industry was awarded the “2023 Global Product Leadership Award” and the “Best Practice”. Meanwhile, Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure open automation platform will assist London based Brilliant Planet in achieving digital upgrades of carbon capture projects.

As a digital transformation expert in the field of global energy management and automation, Schneider Electric has innovatively launched a software centric EcoStruxure open automation platform based on the “plug and play” technology architecture of the IEC61499 standard, which has advantages such as portability, configurability, and interoperability. This platform supports seamless connection of third-party applications, tools, and technologies, and can integrate advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and virtual reality into the control system architecture, enabling customized integration of devices and event based cross platform operation. Through IT/OT integration, the EcoStruxure open automation platform can help enterprise decision-makers efficiently obtain and analyze production data, save production time and costs, and ultimately unleash unprecedented automation efficiency, productivity, and sustainable development capabilities for industrial enterprises.

Given the excellent performance of the EcoStruxure open automation platform in technological innovation, market recognition, and product leadership, Frost Sullivan awarded Schneider Electric the “Best Practice” title of the 2023 Global Product Leadership Award to recognize its outstanding achievements and technological contributions in promoting industrial automation and sustainable development. Sebastian Trolli, a senior industry analyst at Frost&Sullivan Industrial Technology, highly praised the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure open automation platform as a disruptive innovation in the global industrial automation field.

Schneider Electric won the Best Practice award at Frost&Sullivan’s 2023 Global Product Leadership Award

Behind the recognition of industry institutions, it is inseparable from the successful application of Schneider Electric EcoStruxure open automation platform by customers. Recently, Brilliant Planet announced the deployment of the EcoStruxure open automation platform in its carbon capture project.

As a pioneer in the field of algal carbon capture technology, Brilliant Planet plants microalgae in open-air pond systems in coastal areas, using algae to permanently and quantitatively capture and store carbon in the atmosphere, with a scale of up to one billion tons. This method is cost-effective and crucial in addressing global climate change. However, Brilliant Planet faces numerous challenges in order to further replicate and expand the project on a global scale. The reason for this is that the carbon capture process requires a highly flexible and efficient control system with the ability to scale as needed.

Application modularization and standardization are solutions that help industrial automation software systems achieve efficient expansion. For this reason, Brilliant Planet has chosen to deploy the EcoStruxure open automation platform, which not only shortens the integration and testing time of control software at various project points, but also establishes a customizable and scalable system based on standardized applications, and combines the AVEVA system platform and AVEVA Insight to conduct comprehensive visual management and control of the system’s operation.

Adam Taylor, CEO of Brilliant Planet, said, “The Schneider Electric EcoStruxure open automation platform solution can help us replicate, transplant, and extend the control systems of various projects, which helps improve our resource management capabilities and utilization efficiency. In the future, we hope to further promote the expansion of carbon capture projects based on this system

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