Central Control Technology and Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Science Research Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement



Sep 12, 2023

On September 11th, Central Control Technology officially signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Provincial Emergency Management Science Research Institute (referred to as “Zhejiang Provincial Academy of Emergency Management Sciences”). In the future, both sides will engage in in-depth cooperation in deepening the integration and development of new generation information technology and safety production in the hazardous chemical industry, building intelligent risk control platforms for chemical parks and hazardous chemical enterprises, and digitizing the safety management of enterprises and regulatory departments.

Li Gonghang, Deputy Director of the Emergency Management Department of Zhejiang Province, Wu Jiangmin, President of the Zhejiang Emergency Management Science Research Institute, and Shi Yongguo, Vice President, as well as Chu Jian, Founder of China Central Control Group, Cui Shan, Chairman and President of China Central Control Technology, and Mo Wei, Senior Vice President, attended the signing ceremony. Wu Jiangmin and Mo Wei signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will take the promotion of digital, networked and intelligent safety management of hazardous chemicals as the guidance, give full play to their respective advantages, and focus on all-round technical cooperation in aspects such as research on safe production and digital risk management and control technology in chemical parks and hazardous chemical enterprises, “industrial Internet plus+safe production of hazardous chemicals” technology system and application of ecological construction, and promotion and application of scientific research achievements, Establish a collaborative innovation mechanism between institutions and enterprises to provide strong technical support for improving the intrinsic safety level of production in hazardous chemical enterprises.

Li Gonghang affirmed the outstanding contribution of central control technology in the construction of smart factories and highly praised the achievements of central control technology in promoting smart emergency construction in recent years. He stated that the cooperation between the two sides has broad development space and potential, which is conducive to promoting the development of emergency management in Zhejiang Province towards digitalization and intelligence, improving the ability and level of emergency management, and shaping new advantages for high-quality development of enterprises and industries. We hope that both sides can strengthen communication and close cooperation, jointly create a win-win situation, and contribute Zhejiang wisdom and experience to the intelligent prevention and control of hazardous chemical risks nationwide.

Chu Jian expressed sincere gratitude to the Emergency Management Department of Zhejiang Province and the Zhejiang Academy of Applied Sciences for their continuous care and support for central control technology. Chu Jian stated that in recent years, Central Control has been guided by the smart enterprise architecture of “Production Process Automation (PA)+Enterprise Operation Automation (BA)”, and has continuously helped chemical park enterprises improve their safety and environmental protection control levels through effective measures such as digital transformation and management improvement. We look forward to this cooperation truly assisting in the digital transformation, intelligent upgrading, and integrated innovation of emergency management, and making greater contributions to the cause of emergency management and public safety assurance.

In the future, Central Control Technology will continue to strengthen investment and cooperation in the field of digital emergency security. Through a cooperation mechanism for the transformation and promotion of scientific research and technological achievements, security management data interconnection and integration will be achieved, continuously empowering enterprises and regulatory authorities to promote the digital transformation of security management.

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