Honeywell Brings Advanced Sensing Technology to the Shanghai International Sensor Technology and Applications Exhibition



Sep 14, 2023

Honeywell (NASDAQ code: HON), a global digital industrial high-tech enterprise, debuted at the 2023 Shanghai International Sensor Technology and Applications Exhibition today, showcasing its products and solutions in energy storage, new energy vehicles, medical and health, industrial safety, off road vehicles, and autonomous driving industries. With mature sensing technology, it helps traditional industries and new energy enterprises achieve safe and efficient operations, Empowering China’s high-quality digitization and sustainable development.

Honeywell Brings Advanced Sensing Technology to the Shanghai International Sensor Technology and Applications Exhibition

Honeywell’s Sensing and Safety Technology Division has been dedicated to developing sensors, switches, and gas detection products for many years, and is one of the manufacturers with the widest range of sensing, switch, and gas detection instrument products. “said Liu Wei, Vice President and General Manager of the Sensing and Safety Technology Division of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions Group in China, Through this exhibition, Honeywell is pleased to share mature sensor technology, rich product lines, and comprehensive solutions with the industry, providing reliable guarantees for the development and innovation of traditional and new energy industries

In July of this year, China officially released the “Safety Regulations for Electrochemical Energy Storage Power Stations” (GB/T 42288-2022), which became the first guiding document in the field of energy storage safety, fully reflecting the high importance that the country attaches to the safety issues of electrochemical energy storage power stations. As a pioneer in the field of sustainable development, Honeywell continues to pay attention to the field of electrochemical energy storage and presents a combustible gas detection battery pack solution for prefabricated energy storage compartments at this exhibition, providing reliable guarantees for the development of the energy storage industry. The Honeywell SensePoint XCL series fixed gas detectors can quickly and accurately detect combustible gases, and link with the fire protection system to achieve timely alarm, preventing losses caused by thermal runaway spread.

In response to the industry demand for new energy vehicles, Honeywell has launched multiple sensors by integrating its own product and technological advantages. The Honeywell BMS series current sensors use high-precision measurement methods to help achieve accurate battery level calculation, thereby extending battery life and increasing range. The Honeywell battery safety warning sensor can detect abnormalities in the first time, increase personnel evacuation time, and thus improve the safety of the entire vehicle. As a pioneer in the field of thermal runaway sensors, Honeywell launched related products in 2020 and is now widely used in over a million new energy vehicles.

Honeywell’s various limit switches, sensors, and detector products can be used to measure onboard pressure, flow rate, contact force, and temperature and humidity, with outstanding reliability, durability, and accuracy. In the field of healthcare, Honeywell has a diverse range of products, leading technology, and rich technical support experience, which can help medical device designers quickly find sensing or switch solutions, while ensuring product performance and helping to protect patient safety. In the field of industrial safety, Honeywell’s sensing products are widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, commercial transportation, etc., helping customers optimize operations, improve production efficiency, and ensure human-machine safety.

Honeywell has always adhered to the concept of deeply cultivating China and focusing on long-term development, practicing the development strategy of “serving the East from the East” in China, and is committed to meeting the needs of the Chinese market through a series of locally based product development and innovation. Relying on rich research and development experience and mature sensing technology, Honeywell will grow together with customers and partners, safeguarding China’s sustainable development and digital transformation.

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