North China Industrial Control BIS-6920M, meeting the application of multi device interconnection and interworking on industrial internet platforms



Oct 17, 2023

Currently, new generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, and cloud computing are accelerating their integration with the manufacturing industry, and China’s industrial internet platform applications are becoming increasingly mature. To meet the requirements of multi device interconnection and interworking applications on industrial internet platforms, North China Industrial Control has developed an embedded quasi system BIS-6920M.

It is understood that multiple fields in the current construction of intelligent factories in manufacturing enterprises have utilized industrial internet technology, such as production line automation transformation, advanced manufacturing equipment applications such as mid to high-end CNC machine tools and industrial robots. By building a high-quality network connection system with low latency and high bandwidth, based on strong data processing capabilities Industrial computers with high scalability and applicability support the interconnection and application of massive data collection, aggregation, and analysis between production equipment, thereby achieving networked production equipment, automation and intelligence of production processes, improving enterprise production management efficiency, and reducing costs.

But when it comes to practical applications, different enterprises and application scenarios have high personalized requirements for the construction of industrial internet platforms, and the need for interconnectivity between various production equipment has put forward higher requirements for the universality, data processing ability, and stability of data transmission of the main control computer hardware. Based on this, industrial computer products such as North China Industrial Control BIS-6920M, which have high computing power, large memory, and rich functional interface design, and support customized development by customers, have become an ideal choice for building industrial internet platforms.


North China Industrial Control Fanless Embedded Standard System

BIS-6920M meets the application requirements of industrial internet platforms for industrial computer products with high computing power and large memory:

Supports the Intel H420E/Q470E/W480E chipset and the 10th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7/i9 LGA1200 35/65W processor, with overclocking and multithreading processing performance;

On board 4GB/8GB/16GB DDR4 memory particles+1 * DDR4 UDIMM slot, UDIMM memory slot supports a maximum of 32GB, and the entire board supports a maximum of 48GB;

Supports 1 * SATA (2.5 “hard drive bit), 1 * M.2 M KEY 2280 (supports NVME/SATA protocol, H420E bridge only supports SATA protocol, Q470E bridge supports NVME PCIEX4 protocol) to expand storage capacity.

BIS-6920M has rich I/O functional interfaces, supporting the interconnection and multiple expansion of multiple intelligent devices on industrial internet platforms:

Support 2 * LAN (1 * Intel I219-LM/I19-V 10/100/1000Mbps, 1 * Intel I225-V 10/100/1000/2500Mbps) RJ45;

Supports 4 * USB3.0 and 4 * USB2.0 (optional);

Supports 2-10 * COM (optional);

Supports 1 * VGA, 1 * DP++, and 1 * DVI (optional), with a maximum resolution of 4K;

Supports 1 * Mic in and 1 * Line out audio interfaces;

Supports 8 * GPIO configuration as input/output or multiplexing function;

Supports 1 * PCIE+1 * PCI or 2 * PCIE (optional);

Support 1 * JLPC expansion card for expanding serial ports;

Support 1 * JPCIE expansion card for expanding network ports;

Support 1 * JCOMUSBDDI to connect expansion cards for expanding serial/USB/display interfaces.

BIS-6920M meets the product application requirements of industrial internet platforms for high reliability and high applicability of industrial computer products:

Developed a watchdog function that supports more stable and easy to maintain Windows 10 (after 1809) and Linux operating systems;

Adopting a fanless “ice fin” heat dissipation structure, providing good heat dissipation performance while reducing power consumption;

Support DC 12V DC power supply and wide temperature working environment from 0 ℃ to 60 ℃;

Small volume (280mm × 219.2mm × 136.4mm), desktop/wall mounted, easy to deploy;

Anti seismic, dustproof, moisture-proof, and can operate stably under various conditions such as complex electromagnetic environments.

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