It’s a journey of Guizhou, a journey of intoxication and beauty, and also a journey of public welfare



Oct 25, 2023

  Autumn has quietly arrived

  And our summer list is about to begin

  Passing warmth – Team building check-in – Food – Beautiful scenery

  First stop

  -Daping Primary School-

  Crossing a distance of 1500km, we will deliver it with kindness and gentleness, which is our first stop for travel in Guizhou

This is also Mr. Liu Xiangwen, the General Manager, who has once again taken action to convey warmth to children after Longyan Changting Tongxin Primary School, and led us by example to dedicate love together

  Our first acquaintance pauses in this joyful laughter, pauses in this big group photo

  I hope our small efforts and good deeds

  Can bring more opportunities and possibilities to children’s future

  May they all become kite chasers

  A Beautiful Encounter

  A purposeful team building

  A Meaningful Journey

  Still ongoing

  Second Station

  -Huangguoshu Scenic Area-

  Always come and see the largest waterfall in Asia

  The only waterfall in the world that can be viewed from six directions: top, bottom, left, right, front, and back

  When the beauty of books catches our eyes

  When you feel up close, ‘the momentum is like a galloping array of ten thousand horses’

  When I personally visited the location of the 86 version of Journey to the West

  When the waterfall window water and hanging bead curtains are within reach

  I have to marvel at the beauty of natural landscapes

Third Station

-Libo Xiaoqikong-

An emerald claimed to be on the Earth’s belt ?

The stunning scenery is composed of green lakes and dense forests

We empathize with the ancients in this green mountain and green water

Fourth Station

-Zhaoxing Dong Village-

This is a place awakened in the morning by flowing water and the chirping of birds and cicadas

Here is the Dong Village Drum Tower Group recorded in the Guinness Book of Records

Here is a rich and rustic ethnic minority atmosphere, as well as warm and hospitable Dong family members

Measure the world with a foot cloth

Using Your Eyes to Record Scenery

Happy Team Building Successfully Ends

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