Cognex Announces Completion of Acquisition of Moritex Company



Nov 2, 2023

As one of the global leaders in the field of industrial machine vision, Cognex announced the completion of its acquisition of Japanese optical component company Moritex. This is the largest acquisition transaction in the history of Cognex.

Founded in 1981, Kangnaishi is a leading global provider of machine vision products and solutions, focusing on addressing key challenges in manufacturing and distribution. It obtains and analyzes visual information through a combination of software and hardware, assisting global customers in achieving automated production and distribution. Our machine vision products are widely used in various fields such as automated production, distribution, and item tracking for positioning, identification, detection, and measurement, such as mobile phone, new energy power battery production, and e-commerce package transportation. In applications where human vision cannot meet requirements such as size, accuracy, and reading speed, or in scenarios where continuous cost control and stable quality improvement are required, Cognex can provide comprehensive support for your manufacturing and delivery processes, achieving faster, smarter, and more efficient operations.

Moritex was founded in 1973 and is committed to developing, producing, and selling machine vision optical components such as high-end lenses and light sources for the industrial sector. Moritex has a long history of 50 years and has established a good reputation for high-quality and standard optical components, making it a leader in the industry. The company focuses on developing and selling high-precision solutions for equipment manufacturers in a wide range of industrial markets. Its products and services cover multiple industries and have a strong customer base, including numerous large multinational corporations.

After the acquisition, Cognex will own all of Moritex’s assets and business. In the future, Cognex and Moritex will work together to provide customers with more advanced and comprehensive machine vision solutions. By integrating the technological and resource advantages of both parties, it will bring more possibilities to global automated manufacturing!

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