The national key research and development plan key special project “Industrial Control System Safety and Reliable Key Technologies and Applications” has successfully passed the comprehensive performance evaluation of the project



Nov 21, 2023

On November 16, 2023, the national key research and development plan “Manufacturing Basic Technology and Key Components” key special project “Industrial Control System Safety and Reliable Key Technology and Application” led by Beijing Helishi System Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Beihe”) held performance evaluation meetings for five topics at Helishi’s Beijing base.

More than 50 people, including He Chunming, Vice President of Hollysys Group, Jia Feng, General Manager of Innovation Project Department, Ji Zhenzhou, Project Leader, Expert Group for Project Performance Evaluation, Project Leader, and representatives of participating units, participated in this meeting.

The subject performance evaluation expert group is composed of Professor Sun Jian of Beijing University of Technology, Researcher Li Bing of National Information Technology Security Research Center, Chief Engineer Xie Bingbing of Beijing Machinery Industry Automation Research Institute Co., Ltd., Professor Wang Xue of Tsinghua University, Deputy Director Shi Youkang of Institute of Technology and Standards of China Academy of Information and Communications, Researcher Wang Yunkuan of Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chief Engineer Chen Luping of China Software Evaluation Center.

Firstly, He Chunming warmly welcomed the expert group and colleagues from various units, and introduced the key technologies and application projects of industrial control system security and reliability. He wished the project performance evaluation a smooth progress. Next, under the leadership of Professor Sun Jian, the expert team leader, the progress of the five projects was reported in sequence, and the research results were demonstrated through video.

After careful discussion and inquiry review, the expert group formed an opinion that all five topics have completed all the tasks specified in the project task book and met the assessment index requirements. They have passed the comprehensive performance evaluation of the project.(

The “Key Technologies and Applications for Security and Trustworthiness of Industrial Control Systems” project was established in October 2020. The project focuses on the endogenous information security of Hollysys Industrial Control Systems, combines existing protection methods and full lifecycle security management concepts, and integrates active immunity technology, security situational awareness technology, collaborative protection technology, and risk assessment technology, We have constructed an integrated industrial control security risk assessment system under the intelligent networked security architecture of a situation awareness system and collaborative protection system in a cloud industrial control edge industrial control end collaborative scenario, and conducted application validation in typical process industries.

As the leading undertaking unit of the project, Helishi collaborates with a leading domestic team in the fields of information security and industrial control, producing a series of cutting-edge scientific research achievements and cultivating a group of innovative talents who master the design, development, and industrialization promotion of core technology products in information security and intelligent control. The implementation of the project has significant theoretical significance and practical value in industrial control, Helping to enhance the core technological capabilities of national industrial information security.

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ABB PPD513 A24-110110 3BHE039724R2441
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