Lei Sai Intelligent heavyweight releases FM1 high-density frameless motor and drive system



Nov 29, 2023

On November 24, 2023, based on more than 20 years of successful experience in the servo industry and more than a year of hard work, Leisai Intelligence successfully developed the FM1 series high-density frameless motors and micro servo drives, promoting the development of industries such as humanoid robots, and helping customers to replace imports and upgrade to reduce costs.

The FM1 series frameless motors adopt a multi slot pole optimized stator rotor design and Japanese vacuum sealing technology, with eight highlights and three core advantages, and overall reach the world-class technical level.

The FM1 series benchmark against the world’s best frameless motor peers, with many advantages such as high torque density, high power density, small size, light weight, large rotor inner diameter, small heat generation, and small torque fluctuations.

FM1 is developed and designed for application scenarios and user pain points in industries such as collaboration and humanoid robots. It provides seven standard frame sizes, including 25/38/50/60/70/85/115mm, and can also optimize and customize motor dimensions and electrical parameters according to customer needs. Lei Sai also launched LD3mini micro servo drivers to match FM1 frameless motors, with power ranging from 50W/200W/400W/750W, and advanced functions such as E-bus interface, the fastest 125 microsecond bus cycle, three loop vector control, and high, medium, and low frequency vibration suppression. Leisai can also provide customized servo drives and hollow encoders according to customer needs, in order to best match customer needs and achieve the ultimate servo effect.

Since 2018, Leisai Intelligence has been continuously cultivating the robotics industry, including AGV/AMR and collaborative robotics. It sells tens of thousands of servo motors and drives annually and has successfully developed high-performance circular drives for collaborative robotics customers. The FM1 frameless motor and LD3mini driver released this time are mainly aimed at the joint parts of humanoid robots and collaborative robots; Later, industry-leading hollow cup motors and servo drive modules will be launched, targeting emerging markets such as humanoid robot dexterous hands, medical instruments, and aerospace.

The FM1 frameless motor and micro driver are entering the trial production and sales stage: it is expected to provide target customers with prototypes for testing and selection in December, enter small-scale production in January 2024, and enter large-scale production and sales in March.
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