Integrating AR and VTScada remote monitoring to maintain optimal observation efficiency of astronomical telescopes



Dec 20, 2023

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, maintaining smooth operation of critical infrastructure remains a great challenge.

The Southern Gemini Astronomical Telescope located on Cerro Pach ó n in Chile, after importing VTScada, allows users to overcome harsh weather conditions and meet the needs of remote monitoring of various key equipment within the observatory. Through integration with AR, inspection and verification become simple and convenient.

VTScada successfully achieves remote monitoring of astronomical telescopes

The Southern Gemini Telescope, along with another sister telescope on the island of Hawaii, undertakes important astronomical observation work. To ensure that astronomical telescopes can maintain high-precision operation year-round, electrical engineers need to regularly maintain various key equipment of astronomical telescopes.

However, electrical engineers face significant challenges in daily maintenance of these critical equipment:

Mount Paqiong reaches a height of 2700 meters, and once the climate deteriorates, climbing and maintenance become very difficult; Even if a remote monitoring network is established, due to the security protection requirements of critical equipment, the monitoring network cannot connect all systems within the firewall, resulting in ineffective remote monitoring of the astronomical telescope and posing hidden dangers to its normal operation.

After importing VTScada, all these difficulties are easily solved. VTScada has strong hardware compatibility and supports over 100 industry standards and exclusive I/O communication protocols. It can connect complex systems composed of different brand products in one stop. Electrical engineers quickly connect VTScada with multi brand PLC and SNMP devices of observation stations.

The plan implements the following functions:

Monitor the operation information of various key equipment such as UPS devices, air compressors, fire alarm systems, and precision cooling facilities in the field to ensure the stable operation of the astronomical telescope.

Customize the system display screen to enable remote observers of the telescope to quickly obtain key information, such as sky astrology, shutter position, heavy rain, earthquakes, and communication anomaly alerts.

The powerful software redundancy function of VTScada ensures the stability and data security of system progress.

Connecting AR and VTScada for easier inspection and verification

After achieving remote monitoring of telescopes and mastering observation data, electrical engineers further apply emerging technologies to Augmented Reality (AR), enhancing the view function of VTScada remote monitoring through AR.

After the implementation of the integration plan, the inspection and verification of electrical equipment in the planetarium has become very convenient. Electrical engineers do not need to walk around with a checklist. They only need a handheld terminal to point to the device that needs to be verified, and can call up the Ampere value of the VTScada monitored device, call up real-time data trend charts, analyze and view the average value changes per hour/day/week, and so on.

At the same time, this integration solution can also automatically provide built-in system maintenance records, providing a reference basis for making long-term and stable maintenance decisions for equipment.

Upgrade and optimization of VTScada remote monitoring solution

Over the past 35 years, VTScada has been continuously optimized, making comprehensive progress in terms of functional diversity, operational convenience, wider compatibility, and security, helping managers remotely and in real-time grasp critical information of devices in more scenarios.

Easy to have features: With just one installation, you can have all the functional components.

Intuitive and simple operation: graphical display and pre integrated interface, various monitoring screens can be designed according to user needs.

Fearless of downtime failure: seamless redundancy and synchronization function for safer data.

Monitoring can be achieved at will: network deployment is convenient, and device monitoring can be achieved through any terminal such as a computer or mobile phone.
Model recommendation:
A-B Impact AC Driver 1336E-B075-AE-EN-HA2
A-B input module 1398-DDM-075
A-B PLC communication module 1753-L32BBBM-8A
A-B PLC communication module 1755-A6
A-B PLC communication module 1756-A10

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