Stella Energy Solutions and Kelu Electronics Sign a Purchase Order for 480MWh Battery Energy Storage Systems



Jan 8, 2024

On January 1, 2024, Midea Group’s Industrial Technology Division’s Kelu USA company signed a purchase order with Stella Energy Solutions LLC (Stella), a leading independent energy generation company in the United States. According to the agreement, Kolu USA will provide Stella with approximately 480MWh of containerized battery energy storage systems and 200MW of PCS Skid (medium voltage converter for containerized energy storage) to support its rapidly growing clean energy project.

Stella Energy Solutions and Kelu Electronics Sign a Purchase Order for 480MWh Battery Energy Storage Systems

Stella, headquartered in Woodlands, Texas, USA, is a leading independent energy generator in the American market, driving the transformation of the US electricity landscape through the development and construction of energy storage and solar infrastructure projects. As of now, Stella has developed, constructed, and operated over 2GW/4.4GWh of clean energy projects in the American market.

Zhou Han, General Manager of Kelu Electronic Energy Storage Products Company, stated that Stella, as a company that has long focused on promoting renewable energy solutions, has rich resource advantages and operational experience in the energy storage market in the Americas. The cooperation reached this time is an important step for Kelu Electronics in the American market, which will help promote the implementation and application of industry-leading energy storage products in the American market, and support the transformation of clean energy in the local market.

Gabe Costello, Senior Vice President of Stella Project Execution, believes that as an energy technology company under the Fortune 500 Midea Group, Kelu Electronics not only has years of experience in the power industry, but also has strong research and development capabilities and a professional after-sales team. They have excellent project achievements in designing and debugging end-to-end energy storage system solutions and customized services. The cooperation with Kelu Electronics will provide guarantees for the successful operation of its energy storage projects and help maximize the value realization of energy storage projects.

At present, Kelu Electronics has reached in-depth cooperation agreements with several industry leaders such as Stella to promote the layout of energy storage business in the Americas and even globally. Kelu Electronics has long adhered to the mission of “making energy services more convenient and the world cleaner”, focusing on customers and providing leading energy storage products and services to local customers, empowering the value realization of energy storage in multiple scenarios, and assisting in the transformation of clean energy in North America and the world.
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