Targeting CES 2024: Siemens Aims at Immersive Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Driving Industrial Metaverse Innovation



Jan 10, 2024

At CES 2024, Siemens, together with customers and partners such as Sony, AWS, Red Bull Racing, Unlimited Tomorrow, Blendhub, etc., showcased how technology can change life

Collaborating with Sony to launch a new immersive engineering solution that combines Siemens Xcelerator’s industrial software with Sony’s head mounted displays

Collaborating with AWS to integrate AWS Bedrock and Mendix low code platform capabilities to help application developers easily access generative artificial intelligence

Further enhance the capabilities of Siemens Xcelerator’s open digital business platform, connect the real world with the digital world, and accelerate digital transformation in various industries

Siemens showcases the latest technology of Siemens Xcelerator’s open digital business platform at the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES 2024), an annual technology event dedicated to connecting the real world with the digital world and helping customers in various industries innovate and develop. Siemens also announced the establishment of new partnerships in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and immersive engineering, and has made significant breakthroughs to accelerate the industrial metaverse layout of the industry.

Roland Busch, Chairman, President, and CEO of Siemens AG, said, “We envision the industrial metaverse as a digital world closely connected to the real world, where people can collaborate in real-time with AI to address various challenges encountered in reality. With the help of the industrial metaverse, customers can accelerate innovation, enhance sustainability, and rapidly and massively adopt new technologies to drive high-quality development throughout the industry. Siemens is honored to work together with our customers and partners to bring the industrial metaverse closer to our lives.”

Cedrik Neike, member of the Siemens AG Management Committee and CEO of the Digital Industries Group, said, “Siemens is working hard to make the industrial metaverse more accessible, enabling customers of all industries and sizes to utilize the capabilities of the industrial metaverse faster, more efficiently, and sustainably, transforming excellent ideas into innovative forces that change the world.”

Siemens collaborates with Sony to create immersive engineering solutions

Siemens and Sony collaborated to launch an immersive engineering solution at this year’s CES, combining Siemens Xcelerator’s industrial software with Sony’s new spatial content creation system, which includes XR head mounted displays, 4K OLED micro displays, and controllers for intuitive interaction with 3D objects. This solution enables designers and engineers to create and explore design concepts and related content of the industrial metaverse in an immersive workspace. Siemens plans to launch Siemens NX Immersive Designer in 2024, integrating Sony technology into Siemens flagship product engineering solutions to enhance immersive design and collaborative product engineering capabilities.

Yoshinori Matsumoto, Executive Vice President and Head of Technology and Incubation at Sony, stated: Sony is committed to empowering creators with cutting-edge technology. In the field of spatial content creation, we continue to assist users in innovative ways of working through Sony’s proprietary motion and display technology. Sony’s technology, combined with Siemens’ expertise in engineering, can create more immersive engineering solutions. High quality, realistic rendering, and intuitive interaction will provide designers and engineers with an immersive creative process, from And promote further innovation in the industrial metaverse

In addition, Siemens and Amazon Cloud Technology (AWS) have further deepened their cooperation by connecting Amazon Bedlock with the Mendix low code development platform, helping various industries and enterprises of all sizes easily build and expand generative AI applications. Amazon Bedlock can provide foundational models from leading AI companies through a unified API and gain secure, private, and reliable AI capabilities; Mendix is an important component of the Siemens Xcelerator platform, focusing on excellent low code development.

Siemens has also set up a series of keynote speeches and exhibitions in CES 2024, discussing how customers can leverage Siemens Xcelerator’s open digital business platform to achieve innovation in four areas: “Live, Work, Play, Make”:

Live: Siemens launches smart home energy management product portfolio – Inhab at the conference ™, Can help users control the source of energy supply within a given time and the distribution of energy throughout the entire household. Inhab has features such as real-time alerts, all-weather monitoring, and energy target setting, which can help users make informed decisions. With the increasing application of electrification in electrical appliances, electric vehicle charging and solar cell arrays are gradually being introduced into households. Highly accurate monitoring and management solutions will help reduce energy consumption and usage costs, while improving safety and capacity.

Work: By combining Siemens immersive engineering software with Sony’s hybrid reality hardware, Siemens and Sony have collaborated to launch a new solution aimed at the next generation of industrial metaverse. Red Bull Racing, as a user of this solution, showcased with Siemens on CES 2024 how to leverage its power to help engineers overcome traditional limitations and achieve seamless integration between the real world and the digital world through immersive industrial metaverse space.

Play: Unlimited Tomorrow is one of Siemens’ clients, dedicated to designing customizable, scalable, and affordable prosthetics. With the help of the Siemens Xcelerator platform, we collaborate with our clients to develop cleaner and safer transportation, providing services to those in need anytime, anywhere.

Make: Blendhub is committed to addressing food safety issues and has successfully deployed a network using Siemens technology to connect multiple factories supplying food and personalized nutritional products, bringing it closer to ingredient suppliers and end consumers, thereby achieving a technology driven shared value chain in the global food system.

Further expanding the Siemens Xcelerator ecosystem

In addition to providing a visitor experience on CES 2024, Siemens Xcelerator Developer Experience will also provide opportunities for customers, partners, and developers. With the launch of Siemens Xcelerator Developer Portal, Siemens is able to integrate all its APIs and developer resources, and follow the principles of openness and collaboration, providing developers with a unified platform to explore and access Siemens and its partner APIs.

Siemens is also collaborating with Microsoft to introduce chatbot functionality to the Developer Portal, enhancing the development experience for developers through innovative AI companion forms. The Siemens Xcelerator developer portal seamlessly integrates with industry-leading API platforms such as Postman, enabling a simple deployment process.
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