“Hydrogen” cooperation, Honeywell and Shenghydrogen Hydrogen signed a green hydrogen industry chain strategic agreement



May 17, 2024

On May 13th, Honeywell and Guangdong Shenghydrogen Hydrogen Production Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shenghydrogen Hydrogen”) officially signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation on the green hydrogen industry chain in Beijing. Honeywell will provide advanced control technology and global excellent practices for Shenghua Hydrogen Production, support its full industry chain development in green hydrogen production, transportation, use, and sales, and comprehensively assist Shenghua Hydrogen Production in becoming a global green hydrogen benchmark enterprise. Both sides will work together to promote the dual transformation of China’s energy towards digitalization and greening.

Invited guests

Li Zhaoqiang, Chairman of Shenghui Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Feng Yong, General Manager of Guangdong Shenghydrogen Hydrogen Production Equipment Co., Ltd., Zhou Zhongyi, General Manager of Central Enterprise Customer Department of Shenghui Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhao Jiang, Global Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell’s Process Control Department in China, Wang Jin, General Manager of Honeywell’s Program Control Department in China Project Automation and Solutions Business, Lin Dazheng, General Manager of Sinopec Honeywell Joint Venture, Li Qiang, Director of Honeywell’s Process Control Department in China Strategy and Business Development, and Jiang Yachun, Head of Honeywell’s Renewable Energy Business in China, all attended the signing ceremony.

Collaboration content

This cooperation between the two parties will include but not be limited to the commercialization and manufacturing technology of green hydrogen.

  1. Honeywell will provide services for the implementation of the electrolysis water hydrogen production project of Shenghydrogen, including optimized design, optimized scheduling and control, remote predictive maintenance and other automation solutions and digital software, involving technologies and tool systems such as DCS, PLC, process simulation software, on-site instruments, hydrogen detection instruments, etc., to jointly explore the transformation of digital and intelligent hydrogen production.
  2. Both sides will form strong alliances in sustainable development areas such as green hydrogen, based on specific needs, to solve key issues in the industry, help users use hydrogen energy with high quality, safety, and reliability, while improving product quality, reducing manufacturing costs and energy consumption.
  3. Both sides will also jointly explore new technologies and applications in the hydrogen energy industry, integrate the industry ecosystem, promote the healthy development of the hydrogen energy industry chain, and accelerate the green transformation of energy.
  4. Renewable energy and green hydrogen solutions
  5. In terms of innovative applications of hydrogen technology, Honeywell has a comprehensive range of mature solutions, including renewable energy and hydrogen optimization solutions, energy storage BESS solutions, and EXPRESS solutions ® Energy control system solutions, as well as virtual power plant VPP and other technical services, can help users achieve comprehensive development in the green hydrogen industry. We look forward to working together with more Chinese energy enterprises in the future to explore and build a low-carbon and sustainable new industry, injecting new momentum into the global energy green transformation.
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