3BHE019959P201AEND:C | Main control board | ABB | 3BHE019959P201AEND:C


3BHE019959P201AEND:C | Main control board | ABB | 3BHE019959P201AEND:C



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  3BHE019959P201AEND:C Other names:

Signal unit module 3BHE019959P201AEND:C

3BHE019959P201AEND:C Input/Output Module

Editable Control 3BHE019959P201AEND:C

3BHE019959P201AEND:C excitation control board is a circuit board used to control the excitation system of synchronous generators. The excitation system is an important component of the generator, used to provide the required excitation current to control the output voltage and reactive power of the generator.

  The 3BHE019959P201AEND:C excitation control board usually has the following characteristics:

Programmable and configurable:The 3BHE019959P201AEND:C  excitation control board usually has programmable functions, which can be configured and adjusted according to different application requirements. This allows users to optimize the performance and control strategy of the excitation system based on specific generator and power system parameters.UAD206A101(2)

Advanced control algorithms: The3BHE019959P201AEND:C excitation control board adopts advanced control algorithms such as Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and Automatic Reactive Power Regulation (AQR) to accurately control the output voltage and reactive power of the generator. These algorithms can be adjusted in real-time according to the real-time conditions of the power system, ensuring the stable operation of the generator.

Communication and interface functions: The 3BHE019959P201AEND:C excitation control board usually has communication and interface functions and can communicate with higher-level monitoring systems, other control equipment, or PLCs. This allows users to monitor and adjust the excitation system in real-time through remote monitoring and control, improving the flexibility and reliability of the system.

High reliability and stability: The 3BHE019959P201AEND:C  excitation control board is designed as a highly reliable and stable equipment, suitable for various harsh industrial environments. It usually uses high-quality materials and advanced production processes to ensure stable performance during long-term operation.UAD206A101

It should be noted that the specific configuration and application methods depend on the actual industrial environment and requirements. When using the 3BHE019959P201AEND:C excitation control board, it is recommended to collaborate with professional engineers or system integrators to ensure the correct configuration and optimal performance of the system.

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