3BHE034863R0001 | ABB | Main control board | 3BHE034863R0001


3BHE034863R0001 | ABB | Main control board | 3BHE034863R0001



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  3BHE034863R0001 Other names:

Interface board 3BHE034863R0001

3BHE034863R0001 Control Board

Processor module 3BHE034863R0001

The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board is a powerful industrial automation control device designed specifically for precise control of drive systems. This module is part of ABB’s comprehensive industrial automation solutions, providing advanced functionality for mastering drive synchronization and complex motion tasks.

  The following is a detailed introduction to its features, functions, and applications:

  Product features:

3BHE034863R0001 industrial grade design: ensures stable operation in various harsh industrial environments.

IP30 protection level: Provides certain dust-proof and waterproof capabilities.UFC911B108

Wave patterned aluminum reinforced casing: enhances the mechanical strength and heat dissipation performance of the equipment.

35mm DIN rail installation: convenient for users to install and arrange.

DC (9-36) V wide power input: Provides greater power adaptability.

Equipped with relay alarm output: convenient for users to monitor the operation status of equipment in a timely manner.

Dual power redundancy and isolation protection: 3BHE034863R0001 improves the reliability and safety of the system.

  Function introduction:

3BHE034863R0001 supports logic independent dual Profibus DP bus: it can meet multiple communication needs simultaneously.

3BHE034863R0001  supports manual setting of all standard rates or rate adaptation with a dial switch, providing users with flexible communication rate options.

Flexible selection of 1-2 Profibus DP ports and 1-2 155M fiber optic interfaces to adapt to different network topologies.UFC911B108(1)

Fiber optic distance support above 20km: achieving high-speed long-distance transmission.

6 dual color LED status indicator lights: visually display the working status of the device.

Lightning protection for 4000V electrical interface, 1.5A overcurrent, 600W surge protection: improves the electrical safety of the equipment.

Signal processing: The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board plays an important role in industrial control, robotics, smart home, and other fields. It is mainly responsible for processing analog signals collected by various sensors, converting them into digital signals, and then performing subsequent control and processing.

Control execution: The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board can be accessed through various interfaces (such as GPIO SPI, I2C, UART, etc. communicate with peripherals to achieve various control operations, such as controlling motor rotation, controlling LED lights on and off, and controlling relay switches. In the industrial field, the main control board can also control the movements of various robotic arms, control automated production lines, and so on.

Algorithm processing: With the development of intelligent trends, The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board also undertakes more and more complex algorithm processing tasks, such as facial recognition, speech recognition, computer vision, etc.

  Composition structure

The composition structure of the 3BHE034863R0001  main control board may vary depending on specific applications and device types, but usually includes the following parts:

Chipset: This is the core part of the main control board, including CPU, North Bridge chip, etc., responsible for data processing and transmission.

Memory slot: 3BHE034863R0001  is used to install memory modules, providing space for data storage and exchange.

Expansion slot: 3BHE034863R0001  is used to connect various expansion cards, such as graphics cards, sound cards, network cards, etc., to expand the functionality of the device.

Interface: including USB interface, serial port, Ethernet interface, etc., used to connect peripherals and perform data transmission.

  Application field

The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board is widely used in various fields, including:

Industrial control: To achieve control, monitoring, and scheduling of industrial automated production lines.

Smart Home: Implement various control and automation functions in smart home systems.UFC911B108(2)

Robotics technology: As the core component of robotics technology, it realizes functions such as teaching, motion control, and environmental perception of robots.

Medical equipment: used in medical equipment to achieve functions such as signal acquisition, data processing, and medical equipment control.

  Other parameters:

EMC testing certification: Ensure the stability and reliability of equipment in electromagnetic environments.

DC1500V power isolation and reverse connection protection further improve the safety of the equipment.

In summary, The 3BHE034863R0001  main control board plays an important role in the field of industrial automation due to its powerful functions and excellent performance.

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