A-B PCB driver board 0165-058-51-R


A-B PCB driver board 0165-058-51-R

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About 1336-BDB-SP44C

The 1336-BDB-SP44C printed circuit board (PCB) is a 460 Volts AC voltage-enabled gate drive PCB manufactured by Allen-Bradley. It is a spare part PCB for the Allen-Bradley 1336 adjustable frequency drives. It operates with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hertz for normal operating conditions. The control board has a power rating of 350 Horsepower. The PCB can be easily replaced on the 1336 drive for simple drive maintenance and part replacement. The 1336-BDB-SP44C PCB is mainly used with the Allen-Bradley 1336 adjustable frequency drives in multiple subseries. The main function of the adjustable frequency drive is to regulate the torque of a motor by using motor control algorithms. The drive is also equipped with a human-machine interface module to feed input information into the drive. Input can be passed to the drive by using a keypad. The drive supports multiple languages. It has been certified with the CE mark. It meets all the specification for the EMC standard.(https://www.weikunfadacai1.com/)



The Allen-Bradley 1336-BDB-SP44C PCB can also be used as an amplifying device. It amplifies a low power input from a controller and it produces a high drive input current for the gate of a high-power transistor, including an IGBT braking system. The drive uses an IGBT braking system which is a cost-effective means of braking a motor. The amplified input power is distributed to all the components of the drive. The drive is equipped with a metal oxide varistor which protects the drive against voltage surge and which also supplies phase to phase protection. The 1336-BDB-SP44C PCB is mounted to the main board of the host drive by using jumper connectors.



The 1336-BDB-SP44D is a genuine Allen-Bradley PCB drive board that can put out a Horsepower of up to 350 Horsepower and voltage of 460 Volts AC. Engineered for use with adjustable frequency AC drives, the 1336-BDB-SP44D comes with an array of features that can take industrial applications to the next level. The module can fit into A, B, C, D, or E frame sizes—making it a versatile acquisition that users can purchase for all their industrial PCB drive board needs. The 1336-BDB-SP44D is mainly used to amplify the control signals on AC drives that belong to the 1336 series. When carrying out its output power control based applications, the 1336-BDB-SP44D tries to establish the simplest way to drive the gate-switching transistors so that it can employ the PMW (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled signal’s gate drive output.



This PCB gate drive has a low power signal on its input side. This signal is then amplified to a higher power level. The 1336-BDB-SP44D gate drive functions as a main component for the 1336 series drives. It is important to note that this board is delicate and can become dysfunctional when one of the fuses is blown. So, it is important to always check the fuses F1 and F3 before changing the board. The board has a MOV transient protection feature and includes optional DC input terminals. There are also standard protection features that safeguard the equipment against motor under-voltage, overloads, output ground faults, short circuits, as well as against over-voltage. Besides, there is an optional dynamic braking feature and an EMC filter intended for external use. The drive incorporates two different types of motor control; Induction Flux Control and Induction Sensorless Vector Control.


Technical Description of 1336-BDB-SP44D

Allen-Bradley PCB Gate Drive Board with 460V AC voltage and 350 HP

Model recommendation:



ABB CVC750AE101 3BHB005171R0101

GE VMIVME-7750-734001

GE VMIVME-7750-734001 350-027750-734001 K

VMIVME-7750 VMIVME-7750-734001 350-027750-734001 K

ABB SACE750090R0002

MOTOROLA MCP750 3921/01-W2761E01B

IC697MDL750 GE

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