3BHE037864R0106 | ABB | High voltage interface module | 3BHE037864R0106


3BHE037864R0106 | ABB | High voltage interface module | 3BHE037864R0106



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  3BHE037864R0106 Other names:

PCB module 3BHE037864R0106

3BHE037864R0106 Input/Output Module

Controller module 3BHE037864R0106

3BHE037864R0106 High Voltage Interface Module is a module specifically designed to establish interfaces and communication channels with PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and other control cabinet components (such as servo drive controllers and relays).

  The following is a detailed analysis of the module:

  Basic information

Brand and model: 3BHE037864R0106UFC911B108

Origin and year: The origin is Switzerland, and the specific year may be 2020 (based on some sales information speculation, official information shall prevail).

Voltage and current: The working voltage of this module is 24V, and the current range may be wide, such as 100-400A (the specific current value may vary depending on the application scenario).

Weight and protection level: The weight is approximately 2KG, and the panel protection level is 3 (the specific protection level may vary depending on different batches or customized requirements).

  Functional characteristics

Durable and sturdy: This module is known for its sturdy and durable design and interface characteristics, suitable for use in any component interface of the PLC ecosystem, and able to maintain data integrity in the worst factory conditions.UFC911B108(1)

Stable communication interface: 3BHE037864R0106 provides a stable communication interface between PLC and other control cabinet components through its sturdy and durable design and interface, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data during transmission.

 Supporting multiple communication protocols: This module supports multiple communication protocols and can communicate with different brands of PLCs and other control cabinet components, improving system compatibility and flexibility.

Simplify system integration: Using 3BHE037864R0106can simplify the integration process of control systems, reduce interface and communication issues, and improve system stability and reliability.

Adaptability to harsh environments: This module is specially designed to work under harsh factory conditions, maintaining data integrity and ensuring stable operation of the system in extreme environments.

 Simplify system integration: Using this module can simplify the integration process of the control system, reduce the occurrence of interface and communication problems, and improve the stability and reliability of the system.

  Application scenarios

The 3BHE037864R0106 high-voltage interface module is widely used in the field of industrial automation, especially in control systems that require high reliability and stability. It can establish an efficient communication channel between the PLC and other components of the control cabinet, achieving fast data transmission and accurate processing.UFC911B110(2)


The 3BHE037864R0106 high-voltage interface module is a powerful, stable and reliable industrial automation product. It has been widely used in the field of industrial automation due to its sturdy and durable design, support for multiple communication protocols, and simplified system integration. For control systems that require high reliability and stability, 3BHE037864R0106 is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice to consider.

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