ABB | 3BSE026055R1 | communication module | 3BSE026055R1


ABB | 3BSE026055R1 | communication module | 3BSE026055R1



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3BSE026055R1  Other names:

Communication unit 3BSE026055R1

3BSE026055R1  control unit

Input/output module 3BSE026055R1

3BSE026055R1  is an interface communication module designed specifically for the field of industrial automation. The following are the main features and functions of this module:

Multiple communication interfaces: This module supports multiple communication interfaces such as Ethernet, serial port, CAN bus, etc., which enables it to integrate with various industrial control systems, providing great flexibility and compatibility.

High speed data processing: The 3BSE026055R1  module is equipped with a high-performance processor, which has fast data transmission speed and can process large amounts of data in real time, meeting the high requirements of industrial automation systems for real-time performance.

Built in processor: As an intelligent I/O module, it has a built-in processor that can perform complex tasks and control operations.CI855K01 3BSE018106R1(1)

High reliability: This module has redundancy technology, self diagnosis function, and power outage protection function, which make it highly reliable during system operation. For example, redundancy technology allows users to expand redundant components in critical areas to prevent a component failure from affecting system operation; The self diagnosis function can monitor the software and hardware status of the entire system online, and once abnormal situations are found, effective measures can be taken immediately; The power-off protection function can prevent data loss caused by power failure.

Using artificial intelligence technology: The 3BSE026055R1  module can also use artificial intelligence technology for self diagnosis and early prediction of faults. By training an artificial neural network, it can monitor and detect faults in the system, and make early predictions of faults, thereby optimizing process control and improving system reliability.

  Application field:

 Industrial automation: This module may be used to communicate with other automation equipment, control systems, or sensors to achieve automation and integration of industrial production lines.

Process control: It may be used to monitor and control various processes, such as chemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical plants, etc.

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) system: 3BSE026055R1  may be integrated into the PLC system for communication with other PLC modules or external devices, achieving centralized management of the entire control system.

Data collection and monitoring: In a data collection system, this module can be used to obtain data from various sensors and devices, and transmit this data to the monitoring system for real-time monitoring and analysis.

Remote monitoring and operation: Through collaborative work with other communication modules, 3BSE018135R1  supports remote monitoring and operation, allowing operators to monitor and control the production process from different locations.

  Performance indicators:

Data electrical interface: With a 9-pin Sub-D socket connector, the pin definition complies with the protocol specifications of Profibus DP.

 Communication standard: Supports Profibus DP bus standard.

Communication speed: Provides multiple communication speed options, such as 9.6kBit/s, 19.2kBit/s, 45.45kBit/s, etc., up to 12MBit/s.

Protection function: Equipped with 4000V lightning protection, 1.5A overcurrent protection, and 600W surge protection.CI855K01 3BSE018106R1(2)

 Terminal resistor: This device does not come with a terminal resistor and needs to be externally connected according to requirements.

  Physical parameters:

Product net depth/length: 185mm

Product net height: 127.5mm

Product net width: 59mm

Net weight of product: 0.621 kg

Interface compatibility: In addition to the Profibus DP interface mentioned above, this module may also support other communication interfaces, such as Modbus TCP.

A communication module is a hardware device or integrated circuit used to implement communication functions. It can achieve data transmission and communication connections between devices through wireless or wired methods. Communication modules are widely used in modern Internet of Things applications, such as sensors, controllers, monitoring instruments, and other intelligent devices.

The classification of communication modules can be divided into two categories based on their communication principles and technical characteristics: wireless communication modules and wired communication modules. The wireless communication module transmits data through wireless signals, such as Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa, etc; The wired communication module uses wired interfaces for data transmission, such as Ethernet modules, serial port modules, etc.

In addition, according to different application scenarios, communication modules can also be subdivided into industrial level communication modules, consumer level communication modules, in vehicle communication modules, etc. Industrial grade communication modules are commonly used in industrial automation, power systems, security monitoring and other scenarios, with high reliability and stability; Consumer level communication modules are commonly used in scenarios such as smart homes and medical devices, which have certain requirements for cost and performance; The onboard communication module is mainly used for communication and positioning between vehicles to improve traffic safety and efficiency.CI857K01 3BSE018144R1

The communication module has a wide range of functions, including but not limited to remote control, data transmission, sensor data collection, remote monitoring, and IoT applications. For example, in smart home systems, communication modules can enable remote control of lighting, doors and windows, appliances, and other devices by mobile phones; In the security monitoring system, the communication module can achieve data transmission and communication between the monitoring equipment and the control center, improving the monitoring efficiency and quality of the security system.

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