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ABB PM864AK01-eA 3BSE018161R2

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Detailed information for: 3BSE018105R1This page contains technical data sheet, documents library and links to offering related to this product. If you require any other information, please contact us using form located at the bottom of the page. 3BSE018105R1  General Information  Product ID:3BSE018105R1  ABB Type Designation:PM861K01 Catalog Description:PM861K01 Processor Unit Kit  Categories  Products » Control Systems » 800xA » Controllers » AC 800M Hardware » AC 800M Hardware 2.1 (SB2) » Central Units  Parts & Services » Control Systems » 800xA » Controllers » AC 800M Hardware » AC 800M Hardware 4.1 » Central Units  Parts & Services » Control Systems » 800xA » Controllers » AC 800M Hardware » AC 800M Hardware 5.0 » Central Units  Parts & Services » Control Systems » 800xA » Controllers » AC 800M Hardware » AC 800M Hardware 5.1 » Central Units  Parts & Services » Control Systems » Compact Product Suite » Controllers » AC 800M » AC 800M 4.1 » Central Units  Show All…  Additional Information  Medium Description:PM861K01 Processor Unit  Technical Information:PM861K01 Processor Unit Kit  Exchange No. EXC3BSE018105R1  Package including:  -PM861, CPU  -TP830, Baseplate, width =115mm -TB850, CEX-bus terminato  -TB807, Modulebus terminator  -TB852, RCU-Link terminator  -Battery for memory backup 4943013-6  - 4pos Power Plug 3BSC840088R4  Product Type:Central_Unit  Ordering  Customs Tariff Number:85389091  Dimensions  Product Net Depth / Length:20.3 cm  Product Net Height:15.7 cm  Product Net Width:13.5 cm  Product Net Weight:1.14 kg  Classifications  Dangerous Goods UN Classification:Class 9: Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles, Including Environmentally Hazardous Substances  Dangerous Goods UN Number:UN3091-PI969  Environmental  WEEE Category:Product Not in WEEE Scope



Gross Weight:0.01 kg  Invoice Description:PM864AK01-eA Processor Unit  Made To Order:No  Minimum Order Quantity:1 piece  Order Multiple:1 piece  Package Level 1 Gross Weight:0.01 kg  Package Level 1 Units:1 piece  Part Type:Exchange  Product Name:Unclassified  Product Net Weight:0.01 kg  Product Type:Unclassified  Quote Only:No  Selling Unit of Measure:piece  Stocked At (Warehouses):Singapore, Singapore  Technical Information:Package including: |  ’-PM864A-eA, CPU|  ’-TP830, Baseplate, width =115mm|  ’-TB850, CEX-bus terminator|-TB807, ModuleBus terminator|  ’-TB852, RCU-Link terminator|  ’-Battery for memory backup (4943013-6)  WEEE B2C / B2B:Business To Business  WEEE Category:5. Small Equipment (No External Dimension More Than 50 cm)

The CPU board contains the microprocessor and RAM memory, a real-time clock, LED indicators, INIT push button, and a CompactFlash interface.

The base plate of the PM862 controller has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) for connection to the Control Network, and two RJ45 serial ports (COM3, COM4). One of the serial ports (COM3) is an RS-232C port with modem control signals, whereas the other port (COM4) is isolated and used for the connection of a configuration tool. The controller supports CPU redundancy for higher availability (CPU, CEX-Bus, communication interfaces and S800 I/O).

Simple DIN rail attachment / detachment procedures, using the unique slide & lock mechanism. All base plates are provided with a unique Ethernet address which provides every CPU with a hardware identity. The address can be found on the Ethernet address label attached to the TP830 base plate.

(Only compatible with System 800xA 6.0.2, Compact Control Builder 6.0.0-1 and onwards. Please see Product Update for more information.)

Features and benefits

• ISA Secure certified – Read more

• Reliability and simple fault diagnosis procedures

• Modularity, allowing for step-by-step expansion

• IP20 Class protection without the requirement for enclosures

• The controller can be configured with 800xA control builder

• The controller has full EMC certification

• Sectioned CEX-Bus using a pair of BC810 / BC820

• Hardware based on standards for optimum communication connectivity

(Ethernet, PROFIBUS DP, etc.)

• Built-in redundant Ethernet Communication ports
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It is mainly used as the card driver of the spare parts module for the four major systems of PLC DCS robot servo
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