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Properties: Purpose Rack Interface, PLC Control, Analog Input, Motor Mechanical Protection, Voltage Sensing, System Control
Specification: medium, 20 * 15 * 16, 20 * 30 * 16, 10 * 16 * 23
Features: high security, high efficiency, high security, high precision, safe, efficient and durable, secure encryption, stable and efficient, stable and energy-saving
System environment: normal temperature, high temperature resistance
Operating system: 3500 security system, ISI system, PLC system

Powerful and programmable system

Applicable industry: power plant steel plant cement plant ship papermaking
Service advantages: after-sales guarantee and sufficient supply
Express: Shunfeng/Deppon Express Land
Sales scope:  worldwide
Output frequency: 50/60
Product certification: original factory certification

Model OK

Working voltage:  24Vdc/120Vac
Color: natural standard color

Part No.: IS420ESWBH3A
Manufacturer: General Electric
Country of Manufacture: United States(USA)
Product Type: IONET Switch, 16 Port
Series: Mark VIe

IS420ESWBH3A is an Ethernet IONet Switch and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark VIe gas turbine control system. It is available in 8 ports, 10/100BASE-TX. The ESWB Ethernet 10/100 switches are specially designed to meet the needs of real-time industrial control solutions and are required for all IONet switches used in Mark VIe & VIeS safety control systems. It is a DIN – Rail mounting module. To meet the requirements for speed and functionality the following features are provided.

802.3, 802.3U, 802.x, compatibility
10/100 base copper with auto negotiation
Full/half duplex auto – negotiation
100 mbps FX – Uplink port
HP – MDIX auto sensing

LED?s to indicates status of link presents, activity, duplex, and speed port (each LED has two colors)
LED to indicate power status
Minimum 256kb buffer with 4k media access control (MAC) address.
Redundant power supply inputs
IS420ESWBH3A Installation
Install the switch using a DIN-rail on the control system panel for new installations. Connect the copper and/or fiber wires according to the system’s redundancy and requirements. Connect the switch to the 28 V dc electricity from the power distribution board.

IS420ESWBH3A Configuration
Multiple insertions and removals are supported using RJ-45 connectors, which have a service life expectancy of 200 insertion/removal cycles. Torsion pressures are applied to connection components along any axis, as well as static tension forces caused by cable weight and cable dressing.

The switch enclosure can be DIN-rail mounted or panel mounted (switch mounts to back wall of panel with bracket). The DIN-rail mounting system complies with vibration and shock requirements. Both mounting types allow for easy access to user connections.

A level 1 Ethernet switch’s performance is mostly determined by its ability to buffer packets. When a level 1 switch receives a continuous stream of broadcast or multicast packets, it must send those packets out after they have been fully received. A single incoming stream should take up enough memory to buffer one packet, or at the very least one packet per port.

Switch Replacement
When the ESWA or ESWB is used to replace an unmanaged switch, the existing mounting brackets, which can be panel or DIN rail mounts, are used. On the present switch, there are seven screw holes for panel mounting.

IS420ESWBH3A Features
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
138 x 86 x 56 mm

Convection cooled when mounted vertically or horizontally

Absolute Maximum Current

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