CI854 3BSE025347R1 ABB


CI854 3BSE025347R1 ABB

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brand; ABB
model; CI858-1 3BSE018137R1
QQ email;
weight; 11kg
Specifications; 12cm
Telephone; 86 18030177759
contacts; Carrey
address; “Xiamen Xiongba E-commerce Co., Ltd., Unit 2009, Luling Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

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Packaging details: original packing factory sealed
Delivery details: 1~3 days after payment

1.For the in stock items, we will ship to you within 3 days after received payment
2.We can shipping all over the world via DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT and EMS.
3.If you have shipping agent please tell us before shipment.
4.We will packing the parts with strong box, if you havy any special needs, please notify to us.
5.We usually ship up to before 4:30 PM, after shipment we will sent the tracking number to you. It will takes 7~15 days to received the packages.

6.When you received the package, please email to us.
7.Please include all information when asking for cost on shipping, or it will slow the process down.
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3.What is your phone number and extension if you have one?
Q: Do you have any stock or need buy from other suppliers?

A: We saved lots of stocks for selling. we have our own warehouse.

Q: Is there any engineer can help for technical supporting?

A: Sure, we have. Our technical team can help you for selecting PLCs,

HMI, Servo motor & drive, DCS products. If you need any help, you can

contact our technical department directly.


Q: Do you supply 100% original and new products?

A: Of course yes. No copy, no fake, no refurbished! Original only!!!
INSUM integration into AC 800M supports higher functionalityintegration, multidrop configurations, time distribution and timestamping in the switchgear, and utilizes standard Ethernettechnology for longer communication distances. The speed of thissolution is typically 500 ms for one closed loop (indication from onemotor until operation of another, assuming 250 ms cycle time incontrol execution).
AC 800M controllers access the INSUM functions through functionblocks in the INSUM Communication Library. The CI857 is powered
by the processor unit, via the CEX-Bus, and therefore does notrequire any additional external power source.

S800 information

S800 I/O provides distributed I/O on PROFIBUS and Advant Fieldbus 100 (AF100). S800 I/O is also used as a communication link to some of ABB’s Drives. With the network definition PROFIBUS, it means the both versions; PROFIBUS-DP and PROFIBUS-DPV1. An I/O station can be configured over the Fieldbus. Typical parameters are signal range, filter time, etc. The status of the modules are indicated by LEDs and also accessible over the fieldbus. Analog values are scaled 0-100% of the signal range. AI/AO modules are scanned every 4th I/O scan cycle. RTD/TC every 10th cycle. Values are transferred cyclically on the fieldbus limited by the fieldbus and the fieldbus master. The Fieldbus Communication Interface is scanning the I/O modules cyclically. The cycle time, 4-108 ms, is dependent on type and number of modules.

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