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   DS200CTBAG1ADD Other names:

DS200CTBAG1ADD Input/Output Module

Analog module DS200CTBAG1ADD

DS200CTBAG1ADD communication module

Product Description

DS200CTBAG1ADD GE Mark V Terminal Board

DS200CTBAG1ADD is a terminal board designed specifically for use in GE Mark V Speedtronic systems. The Speedtronic series was created by General Electric to control large and small gas and steam turbine systems. MKV can be designed using Simplex or TMR/Triple Modular Redundant Architecture to meet the requirements of connected turbine systems. These circuit boards are no longer manufactured and distributed by GE, but can be purchased as fully tested and refurbished models through.

DS200CTBAG1ADD is a long and narrow board with only a few types of components. It has drilled holes at each corner and long edge for installing hardware and other connections. Two of the drilled holes are

surrounded by conductive materials. The board is marked with an identification code, including the board ID number and company logo.

DS200CTBAG1ADD is an analog terminal module. It is usually located within the core. The board has multiple connectors, including two COREBUS connectors (JAI and JAJ). DS200CTBAG1ADD has two double-layer terminal blocks located on one long edge of the board, with multiple connectors on each terminal block. There are five vertical pin cable connectors, two vertical pin connector connectors, and one 9-pin male serial connector.

Other components on the DS200CTBAG1ADD include resistor network arrays, relays, transistors, over twenty metal oxide varistors (MOVs), more than ten jumper switches, and many capacitors and resistors. For more information, please refer to the technical support products initially provided by General Electric.


DS200CTBAG1A is an analog terminal module manufactured and designed by General Electric as part of the printed wiring terminal board used in the Mark V LM controller. The R5 kernel contains an Analog Terminal Module (CTBA). The shaft voltage and shaft current connectors, as well as the 4-20 mA output and input, are located on the CTBA terminal board. The CTBA board also includes the connection from IONET to STCA board and the connection from COREBUS to QTBA board on R1. The TCPD board in the PD is connected to the CTBA through Mark V LM power monitoring. If the CTBA is powered off, the bypass relay will enable COREBUS to communicate.

CTBA connection:

8PL – Transmit IONET signals from the R5 core to the STCA board.

JAA – Carries 4 20 mA output from the TCCA board in the R5 core.

JAI – If not used, terminal resistors should be added. Used for COREBUS connection.

JAJ – If not used, terminal resistors should be added. Used for COREBUS connection.

JBB – Transmits shaft voltage and current signals, as well as 4-20 mA input, to the TCCA board in the R5 core.

JEE – Connect the STCA board in the “R5” core to the COREBUS signal.

JPD – Carries 24 V DC power signals from the TCPD board in the PD core.

JX – Connect the TCDA board in the Q51 core to the IONET signal.

CTBA hardware configuration:

BJ1 to BJ14- Connect the NEG terminals of the corresponding milliampere input to DCOM.

BJ15- Connect DCOM to the RS232 monitor port (TIMN).

Frequently asked questions

What is GE Mark V LM DS200CTBAG1A?

It is an analog terminal module developed by General Electric for LM controllers.

How long does it take for Xiamen Xiongba Industry to repair my motherboard?

Xiamen Xiongba Industry will repair your motherboard within 3 to 5 working days. Xiamen Xiongba Industry also provides a 12 month customer satisfaction warranty for all repairs.

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