DS200DCFBG1BGB GE Power module


DS200DCFBG1BGB GE Power module



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  DS200DCFBG1B Other names:

Input/output module DS200DCFBG1B

DS200DCFBG1B analog module

Controller module DS200DCFBG1B

  Product Description

DS200DCFBG1B is a power board manufactured by General Electric for the Mark V board series. AC2000, CB2000, DC2000, FC2000, ME2000, and EX2000 series machines can install this board in the drive. After installation, the card can provide control level power and cabinet fan power for Mark V series automatic drive components. The Mark V series to which the DS200DCFBG1B power board product belongs is a traditional series of General Electric, as its original retailers are no longer actively producing this series, although the Mark V is considered one of the final General Electric Mark product series. All of its products adopt patented Speedtronic control system technology. Although the DS200DCFBG1B printed circuit board itself exists as a power board, it is not the original General Electric product in the Mark V turbine control system series with this function; This will be the revised version of the B-level functional product for the DS200DCFBG1B motherboard printed circuit board, which is missing this DS200DCFBG1B product.

  Hardware prompts and specifications

The DS200DCFBG1B printed circuit board, also known as PCB, has its own series of hardware components and specifications, introducing its expected Mark V series functions. The rated voltage is between 38 and 115 VAC and can be directly supplied to the circuit board through a control power transformer. The frequency of the board depends on the input voltage, but the range is from 0 to 500 kHz. This board has many circuits that power the board and the installed drivers. DS200DCFBG1B consists of a motor field power supply, driver, A C/DC monitoring, and control level power supply circuit. The 12 jumpers and 7 DIP switches on the board provide users with configurable system options; The diagnosis of the fuse switch is displayed through two LED indicator lights and one neon indicator light on the board. Three protective fuses can prevent power interruption. Five integrated test points on the board can be used to monitor voltage. The purpose of the three LED indicator lights included in the DS200DCFBG1B board is detailed in the original DS200DCFBG1B instruction manual attached above, and each LED indicator light comes with its own factory printed terminology label. The LED diagnostic indicator lights included in the DS200DCFBG1B PCB assembly include:

CR51 FU2 DC voltage regulator status LED indicator light

CR55 FU3 DC voltage regulator status LED indicator light

LT1 FU1 AC Line Status LED Indicator

The CR51 and CR55 LED diagnostic indicators in the external components of the DS200DCFBG1B power board exist in the form of basic red LED status indicators, while the LT1 marked LED diagnostic indicator on the DS200DCFBG1B printed circuit board truly exists in the form of neon lights. These LED indicator lights are named through a factory printed naming label and its combination with the DS200DCFBG1B power board and its more powerful Mark V series automatic drive components. Before making the final purchase decision for the DS200DCFBG1B printed circuit board, it is important to recognize that the performance specifications and dimensions initially introduced have been affected by the insertion of B-level functional products. Manufacturers have provided installation and storage parameters for the DS200DCFBG1B and should follow the installed driving procedures.

  Common questions about DS200DCFBG1B

  Why is DS200DCFBG1B powered?

DS200DCFBG1B provides control level power to the drives and 115 VAC power to the cabinet fans.

  What is the function of the attenuation circuit on DS200DCFBG1B?

DS200DCFBG1B includes a motor voltage attenuation circuit. The circuit on DS200DCFBG1B provides an analog representation of mtor voltage. The attenuation circuit on DS200DCFBG1B has a bias of 2.5V and can vary between 0-5V depending on the motor voltage.

  What driving applications is DS200DCFBG1B used for?

DS200DCFBG1B is used for various driving applications. DS200DCFBG1B is used for: DC2000, CB2000, EX2000, FC2000, GF2000, ME2000, and AC2000. The purpose of using DS200DCFBG1B in EX2000 is different from the driver.

  Which manual does DS200DCFBG1B use?

The manual for DS200DCFBG1B is GEI-100028. This manual is a power board manual specifically designed for DS200DCFBG1B. This manual is very helpful for DS200DCFBG1B. If needed, we can send you this manual.

  Comment on DS200DCFBG1B

The DS200DCFBG1B power board is one of the most critical boards in various GE turbine control system applications. This board can be easily installed in various applications by placing a large number of jumpers and connecting them to the ribbon cable in front. Its function is to receive input voltage and allocate control level power to the driver as needed.

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