EMERSON Detection module A6120


EMERSON Detection module A6120




The AMS 6500, AMS software, DeltaV, and Ovation provide a complete solution for critical rotating machines that includes protection, prediction, and performance. The AMS 6500 Machinery Health Monitor, fully compliant with API 670 and API 618, protects and monitors critical rotating machinery. Unique abilities include easy three-step integration of protection information with the DeltaV™ and Ovation™ process automation systems, transient analysis for turbomachinery including live, record, pause and replay, and awardwinning PeakVue processing for early warning of faults in rolling element bearings and gears. Chassis configurations include: „ 19” wide protection only chassis includes both a 6U and the industry’s only 3U high version. „ 19” wide prediction only chassis is 6U high with either front sensor terminations or rear sensor terminations. Additionally a compact 7.5” wide version is available. „ For combined protection monitoring and predictive monitoring, all chassis are 19” wide and 6U high„ Fully API 670 and API 618 compliant with machinery health monitoring „ Design ensures that a single circuit failure will not affect more than two channels, including hot swappable module replacement „ Internal timeclock synchronization with plant time included „ Redundant Modbus, TCP or serial, for integration of protection monitors with 3rd party control systems. Additional simplex Modbus output for prediction parameters „ Slots for 16 or 32 shutdown relay outputs „ Two-channel tachometer/key channels „ 12 slots for 3U high two-channel vibration and position monitoring modules for a total of 24 inputs „ 4-20mA outputs and buffered outputs rear and front „ Includes relay bypass and trip multiply configurable per channel „ Power supply external and does not require chassis slotModule configurations for protection and transient monitoring for turbomachinery, A6500PT, and module configurations for protection and machinery health monitoring for rolling elements and gearboxes, A6500PM


A6110 Shaft relative vibration 9199-00001 A6120 Case, seismic vibration 9199-00002 A6125 Case, piezo (accelerometer) vibration 9199-00069 A6140 Shaft absolute vibration 9199-00058 A6210 Thrust, differential expansion, and rod drop 9199-00003 A6220 Shaft eccentricity 9199-00009 A6312 Speed / key (6HP) 9199-00025 A6312-8 Speed / Key (8HP) 9199-00024 A6410 Valve / case expansion 9199-00005 A6620 4-20mA process input 9199-00086 A6630 RTD and thermocouple input A6740 16 channel relay (12HP) 9199-00035 A6740-10 16 channel relay (10HP) 9199-00091 A6824 Modbus communication (6HP) 9199-00090 A6824R Modbus communication (4HP), redundant optional 9199-00098 Prediction Modules A6510 12-2-2 Machinery Health signal input A6510-T 12-2-2 Machinery Health signal input, with transient option A6560 Machinery Health processor for up to 24 channels A6560-T Machinery Health processor for up to 24 channels, transient option


Part Number A476514 PeakVue for Machinery Health processor A6560 or A6560T (up to 24 channels) A476520 Modbus for Machinery Health processor A6560 or A6560T (up to 24 channels) A6068 Redundant power supply, 100 – 240 VAC input, 24 VDC output MHM-93301 Single power supply MHM-6xxx-SMBADTR SMB to BNC adapters MHM-6xxx-SMBCABLE SMB to SMB signal output cable A6910 AMS 6500 protection module configuration software D25225 A6560 slot blank panel D25216 A6510 slot blank panel MHM-85708 6 HP wide protection slot blank panel MHM-85730 24 HP wide protection slot blank panel A6500-SS-ENCL Wall mount enclosure for front termination AMS 6500, A6500MF and A6500TF MHM-85733 Splitting kit (required only to upgrade a prediction-only configuration to include protection) A6500-M-BP Machinery Health backplane A6500-RSH Rear sensor shield panel for prediction A6500-M-RTRM Dual rear termination panel and rear sensor termination for prediction

3U Height Chassis Options The 3U height chassis option is perfect for applications where space is an issue, protection only is required, or only a few monitoring modules are required. Three chassis configurations offer flexibility for: „ standard, protection only „ protection only, with high relay count „ process input rack such as temperature monitoring 215.0 mm (8.46 in) 130.0 mm (5.12 in) 175.24 mm (6.9 in) 116.3 mm (4.58 in) 112.3 mm (4.42 in) 112.3 mm (4.42 in) 57.15 mm (2.64 in) 132.5 mm (5.22 in) 482.6 mm (19 in) Front view: Side view: Specifications for IMR6000: Dimensions: according to IEC 60297-3 / DIN 41494, Part 3 Width: 19’’ (482.6 mm ) Height: 3 HE (132.5 mm) (5.22”) Width(frame inside): 84 TE (426.72 mm) (16.8”) Mounting depth: 211 mm (8.31”) Material: Aluminum Surface: Anodized Aluminum Surface: Anodized Aluminum Accessories: 10 pairs of isolated guide rails Weight: Approximately 2.0 kg (4.41 lbs.) 426.72 mm (16.8 in) 465.9 mm (18.34 in) 6.8 mm (0.27 in) 10.3 mm (0.41 in) Figure 1 All dimensions in mm (inches) Figure 2 All dimensions in mm (inches)122.5 mm (4.82 in) „ 19” wide chassis for standard cabinet mount „ QQ The industry’s only 3U high monitoring modules offers more flexibility for installations


Model Number Product Description IMR 011 19”, 14 slot card cage only, no backplane IMR600010 Standard 14 Slot Rack, 19” Rack. Slot configuration: 1 Tach module, 9 Vibration, Position, or Temperature modules, 1 Blank, 1 (two slot wide) Relay module, 1 Communication module IMR600020 Process Input Rack, 14 Slot Rack, 19” Rack. Slot configuration: 8 Process input modules, 2 (two slot wide) Relay modules, 1 Blank, 1 Communication module IMR600030 Standard rack, but with twice the relay output capability: 14 Slot, 19” Rack. Slot configuration: 1 Tach module, 7 Vibration, Position, or Temperature modules, 1 Blank, 2 (two slot wide) Relay modules, 1 Communication module

Environmental A6500MS-12 0 to 150°F (-17° to 65°C)* 0 – 95% R.H. noncondensing A6500MS-24 0 to 150°F (-17° to 65°C)* 0 – 95% R.H. noncondensing A6500TS-12 0 to 150°F (-17° to 65°C)* 0 – 50% R.H. noncondensing or 0 to 130°F (-17° to 55°C)* 0 – 95% R.H. noncondensing A6500MS-24 0 to 150°F (-17° to 65°C)* 0 – 50% R.H. noncondensing or 0 to 130°F (-17° to 55°C)* 0 – 95% R.H. noncondensing Ratings CE EN50081-2 Emissions noncondensing CE EN50081-2 Emissions CSA (Pending) Power Chassis Input 18 VDC to 31 VDC (24 VDC Nominal) Maximum Input Surge 7 ADC @ 24 VDC for 1 msec 3 ADC @ 24 VDC for 20 msec Maximum Power Dissipation 6 W for each protection module, 5 W for Modbus module 22W, 33W with Transient. (Please see individual spec sheets for additional protection modules power specifications.)

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