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brand; GE
model; F650BFCF1G0HI6E
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weight; 11kg
Specifications; 12cm
Telephone; 86 18030177759
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Properties: Purpose Rack Interface, PLC Control, Analog Input, Motor Mechanical Protection, Voltage Sensing, System Control
Specification: medium, 20 * 15 * 16, 20 * 30 * 16, 10 * 16 * 23
Features: high security, high efficiency, high security, high precision, safe, efficient and durable, secure encryption, stable and efficient, stable and energy-saving
System environment: normal temperature, high temperature resistance
Operating system: 3500 security system, ISI system, PLC system

Powerful and programmable system

Applicable industry: power plant steel plant cement plant ship papermaking
Service advantages: after-sales guarantee and sufficient supply
Express: Shunfeng/Deppon Express Land
Sales scope:  worldwide
Output frequency: 50/60
Product certification: original factory certification

Model OK

Working voltage:  24Vdc/120Vac
Color: natural standard color

Product Description
The SR469-P5-HI-A20 is a 469 Motor Management Relay from GE Multilin. This is one of several versions of this equipment that is available as either new surplus or reconditioned used inventory from AX Control. The SR 469 family is designed to be used in conjunction with medium voltage motors. They offer motor protection with draw-out construction designed for quick replacement times. The SR469-P5-HI-A20 is field-upgradable.SR750-P5-G5-S5-LO-A20-R-T

The SR469-P5-HI-A20 offers four 4-20 mA analog outputs. The unit is CE marked. This is a standard unit with 5A phase CT secondaries. Control power on this unit is rated at 90-300 VDC, 70-265 VAC @ 48-62 Hz. One of the two ground CT inputs is designed for GE power management while the other is for a ground CT. VT inputs on this unit will accommodate VTs in either a delta or wye configuration. The unit comes with a case.SR469-P5-HI-A20-H

The motor thermal modeling of the SR469-P5-HI-A20 offers RTD biasing, motor cooling time constants, start inhibit and emergency restarts, unbalance biasing, and overload curves. The unit also has a hot and cold safe stall ratio. A deeper understanding of these features can be found by reading through original GE Multilin manuals.

The SR469-P5-HI-A20 includes a front faceplate with an LCD display, several areas of LED indicators, a dedicated keypad for inputs, and a communications port. The sides of the unit are designed to allow airflow. This allows the unit to remain within the proper operating temperature range. Read through GE manuals and product user guides for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions about SR469-P5-HI-A20
For this SR469-P5-HI-A20 GE Motor management relay, should the resistance temperature detector biasing be enabled?
By enabling the resistance temperature detector biasing, the temperature of the stator sensors will be enabled and included in the calculations for the thermal capacity. The loss of data for cooling and high temperatures that are unusual can happen because the resistance temperature detector biasing is an element that protects and backs up the relay. These measures of temperatures are used in bias and can be changed for the thermal capacity value that is stored in this relay.SR469-P5-HI-A20-H(2)
Is there a mid point for the resistance temperature detector bias for this SR469-P5-HI-A20 relay?
For the mid point of the resistance temperature detector bias, there is a 10 percent hot spot that is allowed to obtain the data sheets, plus the stator at 80 degrees celcius, which is a class F rise. An ambient temperature plus a temperature rise stator is a good mid point for the temperature to be set at, and the motors hot temperature is calculated the same way as the mid point temperature.
What does the S2 settings page contain about the GE SR469-P5-HI-A20 Motor Management Relay?
Setting for putting in the characteristics for the equipment on the motors electrical systems are what is contained on the S2 settings page. They can be found under the power system data and instrument transformer data headings in the manual, the manual can be found online as 1601-0122-A9 manual part number. With the information from the manual, the S2 settings can be programmed as directed.

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    GE F650BFDF1G1HI6E | Digital Bay Controller | Multilin F650. GE F650BF DF1G1Hi6E is a digital interval controller used in the Multilin F60 system. This device is part of the GE Multilin F650 product line, which is a range of industrial automation products designed specifically for various applications in the energy industry.

    The F650 digital rack controller is a multifunctional device capable of handling various tasks. It provides real-time monitoring of connected devices to ensure optimal performance and efficiency. The controller can handle a wide range of inputs and outputs, making it suitable for different applications.

    A key feature of the F650 controller is the ability to perform boot code updates. This feature allows firmware and kernel versions to be updated, enhancing the overall performance and security of the system.

    The controller also has a comprehensive user interface, providing various customization options. It provides the possibility of selecting an initial logo, displaying a simplified measurement screen with primary values, or both. It also supports multilingual visualization of snapshot events, control events, oscilloscopes, fault recorders, data recorders, and measurements.

    The F650 controller also comes with a built-in network server, allowing remote access and control. This feature enhances the flexibility and convenience of the system, as users can remotely monitor and manage the system.

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