GE | VMIVME-7614-132 | VMEbus single board computer | VMIVME-7614-132


GE | VMIVME-7614-132 | VMEbus single board computer | VMIVME-7614-132



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  VMIVME-7614-132 Other names:

Controller VMIVME-7614-132

VMIVME-7614-132 Input/Output Module

PLC control board VMIVME-7614-132

VMIVME-7614-132 Signal Unit

The VMIVME-7614-132 module is a VMEbus single board computer based on a single Celeron model Socket 370 processor. The operating system of this model supports Windows NT and Windows 2000 based systems, as well as Linux, VxWorks, QNX, and Solaris systems.

The VMIVME-7614-132 unit design has various special features, such as IDE CompactFlash (optional format) up to 512 MB and up to three programmable 16 bit timer modules. SRAM memory with 32 KB battery power.

This device can support remote Ethernet connection startup. There is also an optional watchdog timer with reset function in the software. It can support VMEbus P2 connection with HD/floppy disk drives.

The standard features of this unit include a basic Socket 370 processor module and a pair of high-performance 16550 compatible serial ports. These models also integrate PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports on the front panel.

VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computer is a high-performance computer device designed specifically for data intensive applications. These computers adopt specific processor, memory, and bus designs to meet the needs of high-speed data transmission and real-time processing.

VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computers typically integrate key components such as processors, memory, I/O interfaces, and have high integration and scalability. They can communicate and exchange data with other modules through the VME bus, achieving various complex control and application functions.

The advantages of VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computers include high performance, high reliability, and modular design. They can be quickly integrated into various systems and meet specific application requirements by adding or replacing different modules.

  Here are some main features and common configurations of VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computers:

Processor performance: VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computers typically carry high-performance processors, such as the MOTOROLA MVME6100-0161, which uses the Tundra Tsi148 VMEbus interface chip and supports the 2eSST (Dual Edge Source Synchronous Transmission) protocol, allowing VMEbus to run at an actual bandwidth of 320MB/s in most cases. And EMERSON MVME7100 adopts NXP ® The MPC864xD processor has powerful processing power and rich functionality.

Memory and bus design: These computers are typically equipped with advanced host bridges that support high-frequency host and memory buses, such as MVME6100-0161 that supports 133MHz host and DDR memory buses. In addition, they are equipped with a large amount of DDR2 SDRAM to ensure smooth multitasking and fast data access.

Scalability and flexibility: VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computers typically have rich I/O interfaces and expansion capabilities, such as the PMC (Processor Module Carrier) site of PCI-X, which allows users to add additional processor modules or expansion cards. Meanwhile, they also provide multiple communication protocols to support communication with other devices.

Application areas: Due to its powerful processing power and rich functionality, the VMIVME-7614-132 VMEbus single board computer has a wide range of applications in multiple fields, including industry, healthcare, national defense, and aerospace. They can help OEMs in these fields increase performance and functionality to gain a competitive advantage.

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