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  The GE General Electric IS215VCMIH2C Mark VI VME Communications Card is a widely used module in Mark VI Control Systems. The 4 indicator LEDs on the front of the VCMI VME module allow the user to interpret the status of the system.

     Frequently Asked Questions about IS215VCMIH2C

  When was the IS215VCMIH2C and the Mark VI control system first released?

The Mark VI was one of the last of the Speedtronic lines to be released by GE. This line of gas/steam turbine management systems was developed in its various iterations from the late 1960s (the MKI) through the 1990s (the MKVI and MKVIe,) with the primary goal of increasing the efficiency of turbine systems through reliable management, good design, and the best of emerging technology. The IS215VCMIH2C was released during the production of the Mark VI Control System by GE Energy and GE Industrial Solutions.(

    Product Description

The IS215VCMIH2C was designed as a VME Communication Card in a GE Mark VI Turbine Control System and is critical to the correct function of the system as a whole. The VCMI VME Communication board allows Input/Output (I/O) cards to communicate with other I/O cards that are mounted on the VME backplane, with I/O cards installed on expansion racks, with I/O backup protection modules, with triple redundant control modules, and with the primary or main processor module.


The IS215VCMIH2C card is also broadly referred to as a VME Bus Master Controller. This PCB interfaces communications among the I/O boards and the controller. It also acts as the communication interface to the system control network, or IONet.

The IS215VCMIH2C is built with four port connections placed into its front faceplate. These include an RS-232C Serial port, D-style plug connector, and three IONet 10Base2 Ethernet ports. Each of the IONet connectors is associated with three LED indicators that are labeled TX/RX/CD. The board has additional LED indicators that are labeled Status, Fail, Run, and 1,2,4, and 8. The former is placed above a reset switch (push button,) while the latter is directly below the serial port.(

Each control module in the Mark VI system generally contains an IS215VCMIH2C, with these unique VCMI cards serving to communicate execution data with the main processor modules via the application software for the control system. Because of the critical nature of the VCMI modules, it is advisable to keep additional spares on the shelf to avoid a machine down situation.

IS215VCMIH2CA is a VME Communication Interface Card and is part of the GE Speedtronic Mark VI gas turbine control system. This PCB serves as a link between the I/O boards and the controller. It also serves as a communication interface for the IONet, or system control network. Four-port connectors are incorporated into the front faceplate of the IS215VCMIH2CA. An RS-232C serial port, a D-style plug connector, and three IONet 10Base2 Ethernet connectors are among the features. Three LED indicators labeled TX/RX/CD are connected to each of the IONet ports. Status, Fail, Run, and 1,2,4, and 8 are among the numerous LED indications on the board.

The former is situated above a reset button (push button), whereas the latter is situated right beneath the serial port. The design includes a TI 32-bit digital signal processor chip. In total, there are three transformer components.


Over fifty integrated circuits, including oscillation chips, are included in the VME Bus Master Controller Card. High-frequency noise on the board is reduced by using inductor beads.

The board has two backplane connectors, a 12-pin vertical connector, and a slew of other conductive connectors.

    Frequently asked questions

  What is Mark VI IS215VCMIH2CA?

  It is a VME communication interface card used for communication between input and output devices and controllers.

  How to view the price and supply status of communication interface cards?

  Please call+86 18030177759 to contact the Industrial Control Sales Consultant: Carrey for sales or to request a quote.

  Reviews For IS215VCMIH2C

  The IS215VCMIH2C is an excellently designed bus master controller and is far better equipped than previous models of the VCMI modules such as the VCMIH1. The three IONet 10Base 2 Ports, up from the single port on previous models, makes this module ideal for TMR Systems. The additional status LEDs on the IS215VCMIH2C help the user to identify needed information. Highly rated turbine part

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