brand; ABB
model; IS230TVBAH2A
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weight; 11kg
Specifications; 12cm
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Properties: Purpose Rack Interface, PLC Control, Analog Input, Motor Mechanical Protection, Voltage Sensing, System Control
Specification: medium, 20 * 15 * 16, 20 * 30 * 16, 10 * 16 * 23
Features: high security, high efficiency, high security, high precision, safe, efficient and durable, secure encryption, stable and efficient, stable and energy-saving
System environment: normal temperature, high temperature resistance
Operating system: 3500 security system, ISI system, PLC system

Powerful and programmable system

Applicable industry: power plant steel plant cement plant ship papermaking
Service advantages: after-sales guarantee and sufficient supply
Express: Shunfeng/Deppon Express Land
Sales scope:  worldwide
Output frequency: 50/60
Product certification: original factory certification

Model OK

Working voltage:  24Vdc/120Vac
Color: natural standard color

In paper and board mills.. in a wide range ofthe horizontal force component resulting fromconverting operations… and in plants processingweb tension on a roll.textiles, plastics, rubber or almost any web mate-
Several models and nominal loads are availableial you can think of, you’ll find ABB PillowBlock
in standard stainless steel constructions as well as
tension measurement acid-resistant and mill- duty versions.The performance of the PllowBlock load cellsThe user-friendly digial signal-processingis unsurpassed for applications characterized byIS230TVBAH2A(1)
elecronics provides a high level of functionality toheavy rll, high speeds and severe conditions – in cover a wide range of applications.
some instances they’re the only viable option.The key reason is the operating principle.ABB Pillow Block load cells produce signals as aresult of magnetic change, which frees them fromthe ineviable limitations and design compromisesof measurement technologies relying on someform of physical movement.The result is a load cell that combines srong,low-impedance signal output with an exceedinglystiff and rugged construction. A reliable, high-performance load cell with exceptional resistanceto vibration, overloads, extreme temperatures andotherwise harsh environments.A complete PllowBlock measuring systemconsists of appropriately sized load cells and a ten-sion electronics. A junction box is sometimes usedto simplify the cabling and reduce cabling costs.ABB offers two different types of PillowBlockload cell: one design intended for conventionalvertical force measurement, and a second,unique design that measures only

The PressductorP differenceLike ABB’s other load cells based on PressductorTechnology, PillowBlock Load Cells rely on ectto-magnetic changes in the transducer, not on physicalmovement, to sense fluctuations in web tension.The Pressductor” Technology operating principleIS230TVBAH2A(2)
provides exceptional improvements in load cellperformance characteristics, including reliability(notably absence of drif), durability, repeatabiliy,and wider measurement range.
Machined from a solid block of steel, theload cells are rugged and siff, affording highoverload protection as well as an extended mea-surement range above the nominal capacity. Andthey won’t contribute to machine vibration, even
at high speeds.Since the transducer action – the magneticflux – takes place inside a steel core, environmen-tal factors like dirt or fluids can’t degrade perfor-mance and reliabiliy.Furthermore, low transducer impedance – less
then a couple of ohms – helps eliminate suscep-tibility to radio frequency and elecromagneticinterference.

How the Measurement Signal Is GeneratedTwo commonly used transducer types – the straingauge and the LVDT transducer – rely on physi-
cal movement in thetransducer to produce ameasurement signal (seeStrain gange: Sretching alers drawings). Stretching,reistance of ectrial circuits. compression or bendingmotions are prerequisites for signal generation.
ABB’s exclusive Pressductor Transducer producesa signal as a result of changes in an electromagneticield. This operat-ing principle has its。origin in a melallur-8gical phenomenonaccording to whichmechanical forcesLVDT: Movement ofpiston causesalter the capacity ofsignal change in output coils.some steels to convey magnetic flux.
Two perpendicular windings of copper wire arounda steel core combine to provide the transducers mea-surement signal. Amagnetic field is createdin one of the windings,sized so there is nomagnetic coupling
between them.When the transducerPesductor Tecbmology:is subjected to a force,Mechanial fore alters mag the magneic feld pati-
netic. field.tern changes. A por-tion of the field couples with the second winding andinduces an AC vltage. This vltage – a comparativelystrong transducer signal that is proportional to the force- is converted by the load cell system’s electronics into
the system output.Designers appreciate…Selecting and sizing load cellsOperationV Remarkably high spring constantTwo types of ABB PillowBlock load cells areAn extended range
V Wide measurement rangedesigned for either conventional vertical forceof measurementv High rliabiliymeasurement or to sense the horizontal forcebeyond the nomi-component that may arise as the processed mate-
nal load alows theOperators value a load cell with…rial partially wraps around a- measurement roll.PillowBlocks to be
V No driftUsing the “horizontal” load cells can be quitesized for normal, asvNo recalibrationadvantageous. By design, they can be made excep-opposed to maximum,VNo failurestionally sturdy, rugged, and stiff. So, requirements
tension levels. As av High rliabiliyfor recalibration, other maintenance, or replace-result, they permitment are negligible, and they won’t contribute togreater applicationMeasurement essentialsmachine vibration. Since they don’t measure the
flibility on the webKeeping the tension constant in sheet or webtare weight, but just the horizontal force compo-processing machinery. processes is essential for high product quality andnent of the web tension, they can be sized smallerproductivity. Continuously measuring the ten-than otherwise possible, measuring tension withsion is an obvious prerequisite for tension control.| greater accuracy.Drives and operator instruments need quick andApplication requirements may dictate theaccurate input to regulate tension levels and mon-| selection of a“vertical” load cell. But whenever anitor machine performance.adequate horizontal force component is presentMost web processing lines put a premium on(or can be developed), the horizontal cell shouldlong-term reliability, in addition to accuracy and
be considered.overall performance. The measurement system,after all, is the front line of machine control,exposed to all the rigors of the operating environ-ment. The costs associated with downtime andpoor product bring out the true value of is com-ponents.Quality measurement technology for superiortension control that will keep your processinglines productive and producing top -notch out-put.. that’s what you can expect from us. We’reentirely devoted to providing process measure-ment systems and services, and we have 50 yearof experience in the field. We’re the experts in weband strip tension as well as force measurement forvitually any purpose.I n many web processes, the web tension imher-ently produces a horizontal force component on aol… or, by design, it can be made to do so. Papermachines and machinery processing plastics, foilsor textiles are typical examples.Using this horizontal force component tomeasure web tension can be highly advanta-geous. The load cell can be sized to measurejust the web tension, excluding the tare weightof the roll, which, on a big paper machine, forexample, can be far greater than the tension inthe sheet. The result is optimized measurementaccuracy.Another advantage is that ABB’s unique hori-zontal load cell – seifiallyl designed to measure
this force component – provides stifness levelsand overload tolerances in all force directions thatare significantly greater than what can be achievedwith vertical load-cells.Solid stainless steel construction combines
sensitivity and accuracy with exceptional rugged-ness and high spring constant.’ The units tolerateoverloads up to ten times their nominal capacity,and combined with the elecronics are designedto provide stable output even when subjected tointense vibration.
Four different models, with force measure-ment capacities ranging from 0.5 kN (112 Ibs.)to 100 kN (22,500 lbs.), make up the family ofhorizontal load cells (PFTL 201 and PFTL 101). Each model is available in several nominal loads;the family can cover the highest tension levelsencountered in any industry.Two versions of the PFTL 201 are available:
The standard version PFTL 201C/D equippedwith Cannon connector for the connectioncable.
The mill- duty version PFTL 201CE/DE withfixed connection cable in protective hose, bestsuited for wire and felt tension applications inpaper machines.PFTL 201CE/DE
For aplications thatThese units are designed for web tension mea-tension range, but still will accommodate substan-demand vertical forcesurement in applications where it is essential ortial peak loads.measurement, theadvantageous to determine the vertical force com-In facr, both types of ABB Pillow Block loadstandard and mill-dutyponent.cells feature an exceptionally wide measurementversions of ABB’s “ver-Machined from a single block of stainlessrange. With the capacity to measure web and striptical” PllowBlock loadseel, they have exceptionally high tolerance fortension ranges of up to 30:1, they provide valu-cell provide the bestoverloads, shock and impact, in addirion to highable machine versatility in processing a variety of
in measurement rangeimmunity to dust and corrosion.applications.and durbility.The standard construction is of highly resis-
Installation in existing equipment can be sim-tant stainless steel with potted internal compo-plifed by use of top and bottom adapter plates,nents. Mill-duty versions are available for excep-which can be supplied by ABB.tionally hostile environments. They’re ideal for theThree versions are available:wet end of a paper machine.The standard version PFCL 201C equippedThe family of“vertical” load cells compriseswith Cannon connector for the connectionunits in four operating ranges offering measure-cable.ment capacities from 5 kN (1,125 Ilbs.) to more
, PFCL 201CD equipped with a right cablethan 50 kN (1 1,250 Ibs), covering applica-gland and 20 m Teflon” insulated connectiontions with tensions levels in excess of 1,000 kNcable(225,000 Ibs.)

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ABB PLC system module system card also includes production stop control system modules and components

General Electric: Fanuc modules, cards, drivers (1C693、IC 694、IC 695、IC 697 1C698、IS 215、)

IS 200, 1C200 series.)

Nevada: 3500/3300 system, front probe, etc.

Schneider Modison: Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.

Motorola (MVM): MVME 162, MVME 167, MVME 1772, MVME 177 and other series.

Honeywell: (51204166-17551309276-15051400910-100.)

Moore, 6ES5 series, 6GK series, 6DD series, 6AR series.

Inviteys Foxboro: I/A series system, fBM (input/output module) sequential control, ladder logic control, accident recall)

Management, digital analog conversion, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing (FBM 242,P0916 PW,


Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on three module redundant architecture

(3700 A,3008,3503 E.)

Rockwell Allen-Bradley : SLC500/1747/1746 MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764

CompactL Ogix/1769/1768

Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785, etc.

Westinghouse: system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts.


XYCOM: I/0, VME board and processor.

Yaskawa: servo controller, servo motor, servo driver

Bosch Rexroth: Indramat,/0 modules, PLC controllers, drives, modules, etc.

Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK1 50 digital controller.

Rosemount: pressure transmitter, flowmeter.
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