PPA322B HIEE400235R1 ABB


PPA322B HIEE400235R1 ABB



brand; ABB
model; PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1
QQ email; xiongbacarrey@qq.com
weight; 11kg
Specifications; 12cm
Telephone; 86 18030177759
contacts;  Carrey
address; Xiamen Xiongba E-commerce Co., Ltd., Unit 2009, Luling Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province
Personal official website https://www.weikunfadacai1.com
Properties: Purpose Rack Interface, PLC Control, Analog Input, Motor Mechanical Protection, Voltage Sensing, System Control
Specification: medium, 20 * 15 * 16, 20 * 30 * 16, 10 * 16 * 23
Features: high security, high efficiency, high security, high precision, safe, efficient and durable, secure encryption, stable and efficient, stable and energy-saving
System environment: normal temperature, high temperature resistance
Operating system: 3500 security system, ISI system, PLC system

Powerful and programmable system

Applicable industry: power plant steel plant cement plant ship papermaking
Service advantages: after-sales guarantee and sufficient supply
Express: Shunfeng/Deppon Express Land
Sales scope:  worldwide
Output frequency: 50/60
Product certification: original factory certification

Model OK

Working voltage:  24Vdc/120Vac
Color: natural standard color

RS-422/485 scTew termination includedASCIISerial Port Isolation2500V RMS port signal solation per ULThe ASCII driver provides a powerful connection between the1577
internal application database in the ProLinx unit and devices
3000V DC min. port 1to ground and port toPPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1
supporting serial ASCII communications (bar code scanners, line
logic power isolationprinters, legacy teminal based computer systems, etc).
Shipped wih Each UnilMini DIN lo DB- 9M serial cables
The serial port on the gateway is userconfigurable to support ASCII
4ft RS 232 configuration cablecommunications (Baud rate, Data Bits, Stop Bits, etc). The ASCI
2.5mm screwdriverport can act as a Master (Send ASCII strings) or as a Slave (Receive
CD (docs and Conliguration uill)ASCII strings). or both.RS- 4221485 DB-9 to Screw Terminal
ASCII SpecificationsAdaplor (1 or 4, depending on ports)
Avilable in up to four port configurations 1o0
ProSoft Configuration Builderreceive and/or transmil data.
ProSoft Configuration Builder (PCB) provides a quick and easy way
Transmit and Receive255 byles eachto manage module configuration files customized to meet your
bufer sizeapplication needs. PCB is not only a powerful solution for new
Transmit character with0 to 65535 mllisecond delay between each
configuration files, but also alws you to import information fromPPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1(2)
pacingtransmittled characler.previously intalldl (known working) configurations to new projects.
General SpecificationsAdditional ProductsThe ProLinx Communication Modules provide cnnetivity for two or
ProSoft Technology ofers a full complement of hardware and
more dssimilar network types. The modules, encased in sturdy
sofware slutions for a wide variety of industrial communication
extruded aluminum, are stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol
platforms.gateways, providing communication between many of the most
idely used procols in industrial automation today.
Visit our web site at htp://prosofp.t.chnology.co for a
complete list of products.PPA322B HIEE300016R2 HIEE400235R1(1)

[service contact information]
Tel: 18030177759 (WeChat with the same number)
QQ : 2797820256
Email: xiongbacarrey@qq.com
Website: https://www.weikunfadacai1.com
Address:Unit 2009, 20th Floor, 1733 LUling Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Payment: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 Unit/Units per Month
Price: The more you order ,the lower price you will get
Delivery: In stock,within 3 days send the products
Address: Unit 2009, Chuangxiang Center, No.1733, Lvling Road, Siming District, Xiamen
①24-hour email reply (12 hours);
③For shipment to countries outside Asia, please contact the seller.
Xiamen Xiongba E-commerce Co., Ltd;

ABB PLC system module system card also includes production stop control system modules and components

General Electric: Fanuc modules, cards, drivers (1C693、IC 694、IC 695、IC 697 1C698、IS 215、)

IS 200, 1C200 series.)

Nevada: 3500/3300 system, front probe, etc.

Schneider Modison: Quantum 140 series processors, control cards, power modules, etc.

Motorola (MVM): MVME 162, MVME 167, MVME 1772, MVME 177 and other series.

Honeywell: (51204166-17551309276-15051400910-100.)

Moore, 6ES5 series, 6GK series, 6DD series, 6AR series.

Inviteys Foxboro: I/A series system, fBM (input/output module) sequential control, ladder logic control, accident recall)

Management, digital analog conversion, input/output signal processing, data communication and processing (FBM 242,P0916 PW,


Invensys Triconex: Redundant fault-tolerant control system, the most modern fault-tolerant controller based on three module redundant architecture

(3700 A,3008,3503 E.)

Rockwell Allen-Bradley : SLC500/1747/1746 MicroLogix/1761/1763/1762/1766/1764

CompactL Ogix/1769/1768

Logix5000/1756/1789/1794/1760/1788, PLC-5/1771/1785, etc.

Westinghouse: system, WDPF system, WEStation system spare parts.


XYCOM: I/0, VME board and processor.

Yaskawa: servo controller, servo motor, servo driver

Bosch Rexroth: Indramat,/0 modules, PLC controllers, drives, modules, etc.

Woodward: SPC valve position controller, PEAK1 50 digital controller.

Rosemount: pressure transmitter, flowmeter.
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2.We can shipping all over the world via DHL,UPS,FEDEX,TNT and EMS.
3.If you have shipping agent please tell us before shipment.
4.We will packing the parts with strong box, if you have any special needs, please notify to us.
5.We usually ship up to before 4:30 PM, after shipment we will send the tracking number to you. It will take 7~15 days to receive the packages.
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