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PPD517A3011 3BHE051476R3011

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The role of the excitation system is to use the excitation method to improve the performance of machinery and motors, and to accelerate their normal working speed, so as to ensure that they can provide the best service with high flexibility and high precision. Excitation systems are divided into two main categories, namely electric excitation systems and permanent magnet excitation systems. In the electric excitation system, the power supply can generate and transmit various complex electromagnetic fields. Since the main components are electrical switches, which can be controlled manually or automatically, performance optimization can be done more easily and economically. In addition, by changing the current through a low-cost converter, the operating parameters of the motor can be precisely controlled. However, the electric excitation system has disadvantages such as high degree of external interference and difficult maintenance.


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Permanent magnet excitation systems are another major classification of electric excitation systems. It uses permanent magnet materials (magnets, strong magnets, etc.) to generate a spontaneous magnetic field under the action of external electromagnetic effects, thereby promoting the improvement of the performance of the motor. Compared with the electric excitation system, the advantage of the permanent magnet excitation system is that the resistance to external interference is relatively stronger, and the maintenance cost is lower. At the same time, the permanent magnet excitation system does not require additional power supply or voltage, and only needs the excitation magnet to complete the excitation, which is generally welcomed by design engineers.


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The excitation system can improve the performance and work efficiency of machinery and motors, reduce the risk of failure, and protect the stability of motor operation. The classification of excitation systems includes electric excitation systems and permanent magnet excitation systems, which have their own advantages and disadvantages, as well as their own characteristics. The electric excitation system is characterized by convenient performance optimization and economical operation; while the permanent magnet excitation system is famous for its low degree of external interference and convenient maintenance, and has higher practicability.


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In short, the excitation system belongs to a technology of motor speed control. It uses external electromagnetic potential energy to change the dynamic performance of the electrical mechanical system, which can actually improve the performance of the motor and provide a more efficient and stable control mode for the motor. Energy saving and emission reduction, better meet the working requirements at different speeds, ensure the safe operation of the motor, provide users with multi-mode, beyond the traditional motor control scheme, and expand the scope of motor control.

The excitation system is a device that can enhance the stability of the motor, improve the power factor of the motor and the efficiency of the generator. It is an important part of the transmission system. It has excellent anti-voltage fluctuation performance and is widely used in various technologies. It uses electromagnetic technology to draw a small part of the AC electromagnetic excitation current on the stator winding of the motor to maintain the stable operation of the motor, thereby enhancing the efficiency and power factor of the motor, so that the power consumption of the motor can be reduced and the operating efficiency of the motor can be improved. .


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The excitation system can be divided into the following five categories according to the performance of the motor and the parameters of the excitation circuit components:

1. DC excitation system: This kind of excitation system uses DC motor or handwheel excitation generator to excite. It is mainly used in high-voltage and large-capacity motors, stepping motors and marine generators. It has good stability, small size, easy control, and Features low power consumption and high reliability.

2. Variable ratio excitation system: The variable ratio excitation system utilizes the excitation DC current extracted from the motor stator to excite. The excitation current can be adjusted according to the transformation ratio of the motor, which can avoid the overload phenomenon of the motor due to too high transformation ratio and improve the efficiency of the motor. variable ratio and stability.

3. Speed-regulating excitation system: The speed-regulating excitation system changes the speed of the motor through the change of the excitation current. It uses a constant excitation current to adjust the speed of the motor, and can adjust the speed of the motor to the required speed as much as possible. The speed regulation effect of the motor is greatly improved.

4. Synchronous excitation system: The synchronous excitation system is a technology specially used for the synchronous motor of the power plant to adjust the input pulse of the encoder and control the output excitation voltage and current. Using the excitation current can accurately control the speed of the synchronous motor, thereby improving the speed regulation accuracy of the motor.

5. Three-phase excitation system: The three-phase excitation system is composed of a DC power supply and the input of a three-phase excitation transformer. Its main function is to stabilize the running state of the motor. For example, when the excitation current is used, the load of the motor can be reduced, the anti-voltage fluctuation and load capacity of the motor can be improved, the stability of the motor can be effectively improved, and the loss can be reduced, thereby improving the efficiency and power factor of the motor.

The excitation system is mainly used in the application of generators, motors and magnetic control systems. It is an important means to improve the efficiency and power factor of the motor, reduce losses, and extend the working life of the motor. The anti-voltage fluctuation performance of the excitation system is improved, which can effectively ensure the stable operation of the motor and reduce loss, thereby improving the efficiency of the motor, improving the power factor of the motor, and shortening the power generation time of the motor. In addition, the excitation system can also detect the temperature of the motor winding in real time, which can prevent the motor from overloading, thereby improving the regulation performance and stability of the motor. In addition, the excitation system can also reduce the jitter and noise of the speed-regulating motor to ensure the harmonious operation of the speed-regulating motor.
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