Serial Communication Input/Output Module IS220PSCAH1A


Serial Communication Input/Output Module IS220PSCAH1A



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  IS220PSCAH1A Other names:

Analog module IS220PSCAH1A

IS220PSCAH1A editable customer service

Input/output module IS220PSCAH1A

  Product Description

The IS220PSCAH1A I/O package is used for serial Modbus communication. This package is designed for General Electric’s Mark VIeS control system. When using this package, it can provide interfaces between up to two input/output Ethernet and serial communication boards. This board has 6 individually configurable serial transceiver channels and can be used in conjunction with RS485 half duplex, RS232, and RS422 standards. The input required to power the PSCA group is sent through a three pin power input and dual RJ45 Ethernet connectors.

  There is a serial Modbus master service on the IS220PSCAH1A package, which has many different functions, some of which are as follows:

Remote terminal equipment

Data bits: seven, eight

32-bit data word order

Parity check: even, none, odd

Station address

These features are used for the six configurable ports on the PSCA package. Configuration can be completed at the port level. With the help of PSCA, the two Ethernet ports on the packaging can be used to help support the Ethernet Modbus main protocol; Please note that this configuration can only occur when used on a simplex network.

The IS220PSCAH1A package is capable of performing self diagnostic tests, one of which is to monitor analog inputs, position and pressure to check configurable high and low levels. These restrictions are used to enable and disable features, lock/unlock, and generate alerts. Some possible alarms include 32-67, 114-119, 108-113, and 72-107. All these alarms indicate different errors.

IS220PSCAH1A is a serial Modbus communication I/O module manufactured by General Electric and is part of the Mark VIe series used in gas turbine control systems. The PS series power supply provides you with a consistent and reliable switched DC power supply at a linear power supply price. These power supplies adopt efficient switching technology, which can generate maximum power in the smallest space while generating the least amount of heat. Constant current short circuit protection will limit the output current when the voltage drops to safely protect your control components from direct short circuits and equipment failures. Once the short circuit is corrected, the PS series power supply will automatically resume providing full voltage power. The precisely adjustable output power is suitable for battery charging applications. The ultra sturdy DIN rail mounting base and detachable plug connection make installation easy and effortless. Our PS-D (DIN rail mounted) power supply complies with UL/cUL 60950, 508, and 1604 * (Class I, Div. 2) standards, meeting almost all the standards required for industrial control applications.


串行 Modbus 通信 I/O 模块


2A to 24A at 24 VDC, 3.5A at 12 VDC

Voltage regulator switch mode type

Thin shell

Easy DIN rail installation

Constant current short circuit protection

Low ripple and noise

Optional input voltage (115/230 VAC)

High EMC immunity

The Mark VIe functional safety system has been used in safety critical applications. It is widely used in various applications, including steam and gas turbine power balance for deep sea drilling (BoP), seawater desalination, gas compression, and other application management systems. In a functional safety system, the Mark VIe controller serves as the gateway to the Mark VIeS security controller. This controller is an independent single board controller with scalable processing capabilities. It includes a built-in power supply and does not require battery or jumper settings. IONet data includes process inputs and outputs of I/O packets.

  Frequently asked questions

  What is GE Mark VIe IS220PSCAH1A?

IS220PSCAH1A is a serial Modbus communication I/O module.

  What is an I/O module?

It allows communication between computer systems and peripheral devices.

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