WOODWARD | 5501-428 | Governor unit | 5501-428


WOODWARD | 5501-428 | Governor unit | 5501-428



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  5501-428  Other names:

Controller module 5501-428

5501-428 Input/Output Module

Analog module 5501-428

  Product Description

This device is designated as a load sharing module for models 5501-428. Its main function is to allow the integration of Woodward power accessories and to distribute loads between Caterpillar speed controllers and engines controlled by Woodward components. The power range equipped with the5501-428 device is 18 to 32 V/DC, or approximately 5 watts. This device has protection measures for undervoltage and overvoltage exceeding 80 V/DC, and even for reverse voltage of negative 32 V/DC. The 9907-175 model is equipped with a three-phase PT input and can perform line to line operation at 100 to 240 volts/AC.

The PT input load is 1.5 to 1.7 VA per phase at 240 V/AC, and 0.4 to 0.5 VA per phase at 120 V/AC. The standard size of the device is 273.6 millimeters (10.8 inches) in length and 273.6 millimeters (10.8 inches) in width. The size is 214.1 millimeters (8.4 inches) and the height is 59.2 millimeters (2.3 inches). It has a tough beige appearance. But it should not be used in damp, dusty or other places.5501-471

  Specifically, the 5501-428  shared module may have the following functions:

Load sharing: This module can monitor the load situation of each generator in the system and automatically adjust the load distribution as needed to ensure that all generators are operating in their optimal working state.

Synchronous and droop load sharing: This means that the module can achieve synchronous operation of the generator and automatically transfer its load to other generators when the generator load exceeds its capacity to prevent overload of any generator.

Flexibility: This module is typically compatible with other Woodward control equipment and systems to provide greater system integration and flexibility.

Reliability: Woodward is renowned for its high-quality and reliable products, so the 5464-217  shared module is also designed to provide stable and reliable performance in various environments.

  Comments on 5501-428

Works well and is very suitable for use with SPM-A synchronizers. As long as it is installed by a supervisor who has received such education. Furthermore, it can only be used by those who are proficient in its working principles.

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