WOODWARD | 9905-003 | Synchronizer module | 9905-003


WOODWARD | 9905-003 | Synchronizer module | 9905-003



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  9905-003 Other names:

Controller module 9905-003

9905-003 Input/Output Module

Signal unit 9905-003

9905-003 analog module

  Product Description

9905-003 is a part of the WoodWard SPM-A synchronizer series products. These synchronizer modules are designed with a range of user adjustable dynamic characteristics to match the dynamic characteristics of the engine. Small and medium-sized diesel engines require fast dynamic units, while large equipment (larger diesel/gas/gasoline engines and turbomachinery) require slow dynamic units.

9905-003 operates by biasing the speed of the offline generator it is connected to, allowing the frequency and phase to match the frequency and phase of another generator in the system. Afterwards, before the specified matching time, when the matching is within the limit range, a contact closure signal is issued to close the circuit breaker. The frequency range of this device is 50 to 60 Hz, with a phase angle of+/-10 degrees, and a voltage matching ability of within 5%. The standard operating modes for local installation include “run”, “check”, “allow”, and “close”.

The 9905-003 synchronizer module is a device used to synchronize generators or other power equipment. Its main function is to ensure that the frequency and phase of the generator or power equipment match with other equipment in the system, in order to achieve smooth and efficient power transmission.

  The specific technical specifications and functions of the 9905-003 synchronizer module may involve the following aspects:

Frequency range: The synchronizer module usually needs to operate within a certain frequency range to ensure that it can accurately synchronize signals in the system. For the 9905-003 synchronizer module, its frequency range may be designed specifically to meet different application requirements.

Phase synchronization: Phase synchronization is one of the key functions of the synchronizer module. It can ensure that the signals of different devices in the system remain consistent in phase, thereby avoiding problems caused by phase deviation. The 9905-003 synchronizer module may have precise phase synchronization capability to meet the system’s requirements for phase consistency.9907-838(1)

Voltage matching capability: The synchronizer module also needs to have voltage matching capability to ensure the stability and consistency of signal voltage during the synchronization process. The 9905-003 synchronizer module may have voltage matching capability within a specific range to adapt to systems with different voltage levels.

Specifically, the 9905-003 synchronizer module monitors and adjusts the output parameters of the generator or power equipment through a series of complex algorithms and circuits. When these parameters match with other devices in the system, the module will send a contact closure signal to close the circuit breaker and achieve synchronization.

The 9905-003 synchronizer module typically has specific frequency range and phase angle requirements to ensure its accurate and reliable operation. In addition, it may also have voltage matching capability to further improve the efficiency and stability of power transmission.

It should be noted that different power systems and application scenarios may have different requirements for the synchronizer module. Therefore, when selecting and using the 9905-003 synchronizer module, it is necessary to carefully consider its performance parameters, interface compatibility, and actual system requirements to ensure that it can meet specific application requirements.9907-838

In addition, maintenance and upkeep of the synchronizer module are also very important. Regular inspection of its working condition, cleaning of internal dust and dirt, and replacing aging components can all extend its service life and improve the reliability of the system.

In summary, the 9905-003 synchronizer module is an indispensable and important component in the power system, which is of great significance for ensuring the stability and efficiency of power transmission.

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